Techniques of How to Paint Walls: Part 2


Painting walls enhances the walls, protects it, and gives room a beautiful effect. Walls are the backdrop of the room. Continuing with more techniques of how to paint walls of your home:

Paint Ideas for Homes


Combing is able to create scratches nice lined texture to painted surface which resembles like wallpaper. For combing effect wall painting you need base coat and different color glaze. Paint combs are the accessories which you can get from many paint selling stores in various widths.

Asian Paints Textures On WallApply base coat to walls and then allow it to dry. When you work with glaze walls should paint in sections because combing needs to be done while the wall is still wet. Paint glaze on section of surface and drag comb through wet paint. Use it only once for creating trail of comb lines. But in case you are not happy with a section then you can repaint it and try combing again.

Combing can be done in straight horizontal or vertical lines. You can even wiggle it back and forth and create wavy lines or make swirling lines or any complicated patterns. Combing can give you opportunity for experimenting as you can combine different patterns.


This wall painting technique is easy as well as inexpensive. Leather look on walls with paint gives authentic and amazing look which looks amazing in shades of brown. You can achieve this look with inexpensive by using scrap paper like brown paper bags, newspaper, and tissue gift wrapping paper.

Wall Paint Ideas

Just rip papers into some random size and shapes. Apply these on walls with wallpaper paste and slightly overlapping each other. Press firmly and then smooth them such that there are no air bubbles but cracks and wrinkles are ok and rather will enhance to give leathery look.

Faux Bricks and Stone:

Having one wall which has some exposed bricks or stones with just paint and few rolls of tapes can look cool and awesome. Paint wall with a base color which become mortar or the grout lines. Allow to dry for some 24 hours such that tape does not damage surface. Use painter tape to out line shapes of bricks and stones and when you have a desired look of stacked bricks and stones use level and ruler ensure they are straight and even. You can have rustic stacked stone wall with random round and oval shapes.

Brick Painted Wall

After taping you need to paint walls with base color of stones. Remove tape before paint dries and reveal mortar line beneath. Sponge on walls using mixture of 1 part glaze with 1 part of slightly darker shade on parts of individual stone or the bricks to give depth and variation for perfect Faux Bricks and stones look.


  1. Leathering “Paper on Wall”

    Could you please tell me what kind of paint you used over the paper and wall paper paste. Also did you use a glaze or a wax for the finish.


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