Ten Attractive and Stylish Ways to Light up Your Space


Now, the term mood lighting gets thrown around a lot, but it is a good one to throw around. The right kind of mood lighting can be perfect for any home. What do I mean by mood lighting? Well, things like dimmer switches. It allows you to adjust the brightness of your lights. You will always have the proper lighting for your party or gathering, giving you the perfect ambiance.

Sometimes, it’s a bit expensive, but a beautiful chandelier or light fixture can do wonders. This is an elegant way to combine aesthetics with functionality. You don’t even need a crystal. You can have very nice looking chandeliers made from almost anything. Take a main living room area or dining room, and if you hang a light fixture from the middle of the ceiling, you can brighten up the whole room while adding in a centerpiece of sorts at the same time. The trick is to find the right piece for the right room, but do, and you’re golden.

DIY Chandelier Ideas

Never forget the power of well-placed lamps. Often, it is less the specific lights that are used but how they have used that matters. While this one will be a money saver, it will not necessarily be a time saver. You can find lovely lamps at really affordable prices. With many rooms, you may not need to install lighting. At the very least you won’t have to use it much. If you take the time to figure out where to strategically place a few lamps, then you can have a gorgeous room.

Lamp Decoration Ideas

Another thing to keep in mind is the color of lights you choose. Your lights don’t have to brighten up your home; they can do a lot more. If you use things like hydra lamps, you can get a lot of exciting colors at play in a room. This can make any place in your home look very stylish indeed. All it takes are some different colored lampshades or bulb coverings, and you can turn your standard white lightbulbs into fantastic 90-watt rainbows. This is also a great way to be expressive, display your style.

This isn’t to say that white isn’t also the right choice. It is a great color (or absence of color, whichever). Try fluorescent lights like the t12 electronic ballasts. If you use a cute bright white lightbulb, you can accentuate the other colors in your room. Make those yellow and red flowers on your wallpaper all the brighter. Having fluorescent lights, hanging from your ceiling can also lend a great modern look. Also, if you are into gardening, they can be doubly useful if you ever need to grow some plants indoors. You have proto-sunlight at your fingertips.

Track lighting is another solid choice for brightening up your home. The benefit to track lighting is that it allows for lots of flexibility. Set up a track running along with the ceiling in any room. You can alter the shape of the track to accommodate any room or style. It also allows lights to be facing multiple directions, giving you a lot of variability in how your room is lit. Track lighting is also easy to install. With track lighting, you can also aim the light, have it shine right on that new painting for maximum effect.

Another trick you can use is to take a light like an LED light, for example, which can be put inside something. You can have glowing works of art in your home. You can get creative with your lighting if you think outside the box (or in it as the case may be). You can have some glass statue with a light inside that makes it glow brightly. The possibilities are endless. Alternatively, you can put the lights into a wall itself and have the wall glow. This lighting technique is all about expressing your unique creativity.

Bold and creative is not for everyone. There is something to be said for simple yet efficient. Recessed lighting is an excellent option for your house. As the name suggests, recessed lights go inside the ceiling itself. They offer beautiful bright light but do not draw attention to themselves. However, this is not to say that they don’t also look beautiful, because they do. They are the epitome of practical. You don’t have to worry about the lights getting in the way of other fixtures or structures. They give you a simple yet smart look.

Lighting Ideas for Home

And don’t go thinking that lighting has to be limited to the inside. Oh no, think of your whole yard as a medium for your artistic work. Christmas isn’t the only time for lighting up trees you know. You can string lights through shrubs, around trellises and other plants for a lovely look. Alternatively, you can have a few lights on the front or back porch to extend those lovely evenings sitting outside. The important thing is that making a house look bright and happy from the outside can be just as important as the inside. Remember that.

And finally, go for energy efficiency in your lights. How is this attractive or stylish? Well, it tends to be cheaper and longer-lasting. Make sure those lights you spent all that hard work and money on stay around for a while. Use LED or other such lights. They look beautiful, save on energy, and stick around for a while — all in all, a good choice. Attractive lights can be just as much about the quality of the lights themselves as anything else. Plus, if you need fewer lights, you can use the lights you have to maximum effect.

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