Ten Budget Friendly Dorm Makeover Ideas


When time to leave a ‘parental nest’ comes, every student faces the problem of making dorm room more comfortable. Thus, we prepared some cheap dorm decor ideas, which every student can implement quickly.

  1. Rearrange Your Place

Rearrange Your Place
Before making significant changes, move your dorm room furniture. Bookcases or wardrobes put in front or near the window may block desired sunshine and natural light. Try to rearrange your dressers and cabinet to achieve perfect configuration and make a room look bigger.The useful advice here would be putting a mirror near the windows – mirrors are great at reflecting light. In addition, placing the mirror will expand the space visually.

  1. Cover Up Your Floor With A Rug

Cover Up Your Floor With A Rug
Although rugs are costly, you still can find super pricey among them. Rugs won’t make your dorm room look cozier but will protect from cold and bare floors. If you can’t find the cheap rug in IKEA, try visiting thrift stores: you’ll be surprised what you may come across there!

  1. Make Curtains From Piece Of Fabric

Make Curtains From Piece Of Fabric
When you’re looking for windows dressing, there is no better material than just a piece of textile.Choose color and pattern you want and just sew curtains on your own! And don’t limit yourself with fabric: a simple scarf will also look fancy on your windows.

  1. Get Some Flowers

Get Some Flowers
Every college dorm ideas list includes a tip about flowers, and we won’t be special. Flowers will freshen the place and make it look more natural. Greenery is thought to calm people down and bring more fresh air into the room.

  1. Use Removable Paper To Beautify The Furniture

Use Removable Paper To Beautify The Furniture
Every dorm room has bald and white furniture, which sometimes look dull. Try to apply removable wallpapers and make your desk, shelves and wardrobes look brighter. Those wallpapers are cheap and can be taken off quickly. If a paper isn’t a variant for you, browse the Internet and find other ideas for decorating your dorm furniture.

  1. Create Your Storage

Create Your Storage
Students understand how tough the educational process can be. A lot of them use https://edubirdie.com to keep up with all the paper homework successfully. But sometimes there is no place in the dorm room to keep those necessary documents. In that case, setting up a storage would be one of the greatest dorm decorating ideas. Those girls have a variety of DIY’s working spaces, desks, and shelves, which can become very convenient storages for all of your homework only with the help of your hands!

  1. Decorate Empty Walls

Decorate Empty Walls
Dorm room empty walls always look uninspiring. Thus, why not to brighten them up with photos of your friends or family, posters with some inspiring quotes or your favorite artist’s paintings? Those decorations will remind you of home, family, happy moments of your life and bring coziness in your place.

  1. Loft Your Bed

Loft Bedroom
Not enough free space is a problem that can prevent your implementation of dorm room ideas. It’s difficult to find a place for a plant when there is no room to swing a cat. But the solution has been found, and it’s a loft bed. It sounds like you need a lot of space for it, but actually, aloft bed is the bunk bed, which has the top bunk. It helps to create a free space underneath that can be used to set up a desk, chest of drawers or soft armchair. Ask your friends for help and make loft bed for your dorm room!

  1. Prevent Decluttering

Prevent Decluttering
Use your wardrobe and shelf space wisely to hide all your clothes and shoes. Don’t leave them on the chair back or the floor. To make your place more organized and spacious, clear it up and find a particular place for every item. Also, toss things you don’t use anymore to save space.

  1. Redesign Bedclothes

Redesign Bedclothes
Stylish and bright pillow case can set the tone and be one of the best dorm decor ideas. You can just buy one-colored simple bedclothes at a thrift store and decorate them your way transforming into fancy and expensive-looking sheets and covers!As pillow cases with Instagram photos imprinted are popular now, try using this idea.

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