Ten Lucky Home Decor Trends for 2017


Decorating your home can be a tiring and tedious project that never seems to be complete. Fortunately, every year there seems to be a new trend with some clever ways to add a little bit of pizzazz to your home. These trends are considered to be lucky home decor trends. They are the developments that make the life of interior design just a little bit easier.

1. Removable/Adjustable Wallpaper– Wallpaper is great because it can add a lot of sass to an otherwise boring wall. The only problem is that wallpaper is an incredible headache to put up or take down. Removable wallpaper is basically a pull and stick method. You can put it wherever you want for as long as you want without a lot of hassle.

2. New Pantone Colors– Every year pantone releases a new set of colors for the interior design industry. The 2017 earthy colors with a hint of some vibrancy are no exception to the rule.

3. Natural Beauty– 2017 will not see a major change in the use of natural woods and products throughout the home. All homes will have a more natural look where the popular fixtures, furniture, and accessories will all be affected by the more earth friendly look.

4. Image is everything– You may have gotten away with a beautiful home and a mediocre lawn in previous years, but 2017 will mark the concentration on landscaping. A home will want to reflect the hard work that was accomplished on the inside on the outside. There is no reason that a home that is so carefully selected and designed should not be referred to as gorgeous simply because the yard is not up to par.

5. Move Over Wood– Are you someone that loved the appearance of wood, but has never cared for the maintenance? Laminate has always been an option, but it is not as attractive as the real thing. 2017 will offer a new option. Birch Wood Floors is the perfect solution to your wood flooring problems. You get the appearance of wood, but the maintenance of tile. It is a win/win situation.

6. The Kitchen of the Future– Many people will want to update their kitchen in 2017, but there will be a lot of changes available. The kitchen will definitely become more tech savvy with multi-functioning appliances, hands-free faucets, and even equipment that can be managed through your Smartphone.

7. Move Over Metal & Glass– The refined look of the modern furniture will be losing popularity to the reclaimed wood furniture. A rustic down home look is expected to be all the rage in the 2017 year.

8. Out with the Old Lighting– LED has been all the rage where TVs are concerned, and not LED lighting will be dominating the kitchen and home lighting department. It will be a little bit pricey of an upgrade, but it will pay off in the end.

9. New Metal Furniture– You will no longer have just the plain iron furniture. New trendy metals such as rose gold will begin to make an appearance in furniture during the 2017 year. Several other non-traditional furniture metal will also show up to give a nice complex variety of metal furniture and accessories for the modern look.

10. Accent Walls are Back– Earthtones are what will be desired in homes in the 2017 year, but a nice dark accent wall such as a deep rustic read or a dark chocolate will be the perfect accent. It adds a more complex comfort to the home while allowing it to have that calming effect.

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