Terrace Gardens of New York City

On March 18, 2014 by Vishal Bhanushali

Terrace garden new york city view

New York City, the city of new dreams, unstoppable energy, that beautiful signature architecture, that lovely Statue of Liberty and the soul of the city, Newyorkers! NYC loves greenery, and apart from its iconic Central Park,  Newyorkers have started adapting to mini terrace gardens. These gardens add freshness to the urban environment and also plays an eco friendly support to urbanization.

New york city roof top above city gardens

These amazing terrace garden are not only seen on small low-rise buildings but also on many high-rise buildings too.  So the terrace garden as twice as beauty as a garden and as a view to the empowering NYC.

New york city terrace garden design

New York City has a different identity when seen from above.

small Terrace garden new york


Rooftop-Gardens-pink-couch new york

Modern terrace garden new york city

Terrace garden deck view new york


Rooftop-Terrace-garden new york city

Roof top terrace garden view new york garden

New York City central park roof top garden  view


sky_garden statue of liberty view nyc


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