That Cozy Time of the Year: Comfy & Warm Home


Is there anything better in winter than cozying up under the blanket on a sofa with a cup of warm cocoa? Well, we can think about a few more things that will help you create a comfy and warm home when the cold wave arrives. During the summer, you probably removed as many things as you could from your home to avoid the build-up of humidity and heat. But now, it’s that cozy time of the year when you want to bring back those layers and warm up your home. And this how you will do it with a minimal amount of effort.

  1. It’s Time To Change The Bedding

Cozy Bed

Light materials like linen are perfect for summer months, but they won’t keep you warm when the winter arrives. Flannel or jersey are ideal materials for colder months since they hold the warmth in and are very comfy at the same time. Place a blanket on the foot of your bed so you will have an additional cover when the nights are especially cold. Also, add extra cushions on the bed, especially if you like to take afternoon naps since they are perfect to cozy in.

  1. Add Some Soft Lighting

Soft Lighting

Although you probably have all sorts of artificial lighting in your home, you use them differently during each season. As the days grow colder, so will the natural light disappear earlier, and you will have to rely on your lamps and chandeliers sooner in the day. However, if you didn’t upgrade your home lighting already, now is a perfect excuse to do so. This is something you can do even with a tight budget since all you will need are some lamps and appropriate LED bulbs.

Floor lamps are perfect when you have guests since they will create a comfortable and moderately light ambiance. Table lamps are ideal for watching TV, read a book, or simply spending a cozy evening at home. Use warm-toned LED lights since they give a candle-like glow that will immediately help you relax and give your décor a pleasant feel.

  1. Consider Switching To Drapes

Beautuful Drapes

Drapes are most commonly used in the summer to block the sunlight and cool the home. However, they have their benefits in the winter too. Heavy curtains are excellent insulation for the windows, especially if they leak cold air inside the home. But also, they visually warm-up space, especially if you use some darker colors, like burgundy or dark green.

Velvet is an excellent choice of material since it’s soft to the touch and immediately delivers the feeling of coziness. But, any heavy material with thermal lining can do, as well as patterns like large flowers or geometric shapes to create a playful interior design.

  1. A Lovely Spa Ambiance In The Bathroom

Bathroom Spa

Soaking in the bathtub after a long day is wonderful during any season. But when the colder months arrive, it’s a perfect way to chase away the chills. And with only accessories for bathroom and slight changes in the design, you will give this room the true spa feel. Add an earthy-colored rug to the room and colorful artificial flowers to cozy up space.

Replace some smaller things like hooks and waste bins to add something new to your bathroom and welcome the changing season. A few candles here and there will create a perfect ambiance to relax in the warm bath and de-stress from the long day.

  1. Cozy Up To Your Living Room

Cozy Living Room

The living room is the soul of your home, so it’s important to create a cozy atmosphere that will keep you warmed up. When the cold arrives, people spend less time outside and more in their living rooms with a book, their pet, and loved ones. Use a new cover on your sofa made from softer fabric and in the warmer shade to give you a cozier feel.

Place an afghan over it so you can easily cover yourself and add throw pillows for extra comfort. Gold tones are perfect for colder months since it’s the holiday season, so add it in the form of small details, like a fruit ball or vase.

  1. Warm The Underfoot

Cozy Rugs

Walking barefoot on the rugless floor feels nice when temperatures are high, but when they reach the point of freezing – not so much. So, it’s time to add some rugs to your home and keep your feet warm even if you wear socks and sleepers. Besides being comfortable to walk on, rugs also visually enhance the décor and help you feel warmer just by looking at them.

Choose warm shades like yellow, orange, or brown to create a contrasting ambiance than the one present outside. Smaller rugs for by the bed or in front of the sofa are not expensive and will make a lot of difference for the design, as well as your feet.

Final Thoughts

A few small changes to the décor here and there will be ideal for creating a comfy and warm home for the winter. It’s all about creating a cozy cocoon where you will feel relaxed and safe from the cold outside. And with some visual tricks, you will not only do that but also refresh the overall décor and give your home a winter makeover on the budget.

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