The 12 Big Curtain Design Trends in 2018


Many of the significant home décor trends for 2018 involve painting walls and cabinets. However, revamping your home with the paint can be an intensive (and expensive!) project. One way to update the look and feel of your home without spending a fortune is to refresh your window treatments. The intentional addition of fabric instantly updates the atmosphere in just a few minutes, and depending on your choices can also make your home much more liveable with better thermal performance. These are the 12 big curtain design trends we see in 2018.

  1. Jewel Tones

Jewel Tone Curtains

When you think of modern home décor, you might envision sleek neutrals or metallics. When everything is a lovely shade of gray, however, your environment can get boring. Punch things up with jewel tones. These are deep shades that mimic those found in natural gemstones. They range from intense reds to dark greens and subtle blues and violets.

  1. Metallics

Metallic Curtains

If you already decorate with plenty of color, you might consider adding metallic curtains to a living room or bedroom. Toned-down silver and bronze are more neutral than you might expect. Hang them on a classic metal pole for simple appeal.

  1. Kitchen Valances

Kitchen Valances

Valances are ideal for the kitchen. They add a soft element to smaller windows without blocking the light. They can also tie in colors from nearby rooms to create a unified look. Many modern kitchens have white or neutral color palettes. If yours does too, consider adding a pretty pattern with neutral hues to frame your view. Create a formal effect with scalloped or ruffled valances.

  1. Roman Shades

Roman Shades

Although long, dramatic curtains can add a luxurious feel and make a room look taller, they’re not appropriate for every part of your house. Roman shades are more streamlined and contemporary, according to Architectural Digest. They emphasize the clean lines of your molding and don’t interfere with built-ins, beds, and sofas that flank the walls. This makes them ideal for a living room or bedroom. You can even use roman shades in the windows that hover above the counters in your kitchen.

  1. Linen for Light

Linen Curtains

You may not want to block the light in living and dining spaces. In those cases, opt for loose weaves. Linen curtain designs are ideal for adding privacy without making your home feel like a cave. Plus, they infuse your home with a natural element, which contrasts with contemporary lines and urban interiors. Sheers come in more than just white and cream. Find some with patterns to infuse your rooms with warmth. Deconovo has a great range of faux linen curtains which is also a great option if you are concerned with wear-ability and easy care.

  1. Decorative Embellishments

Decorative Curtains

You can enhance any curtain design by adding trim to the edges. Some of the unique options include glass beads, shells, and buttons say HGTV Decorative tapes can accent the hem of a curtain or create contrast at hip level.

  1. Layered Curtains

Layered Curtains

According to Apartment Therapy, you should combine sheer curtains with opaque ones if you’re layering styles. However, you don’t have to stick with neutrals. Use richly hued blackout curtains with a colorful sheer pattern to block out light in a bedroom without making it look blah. Lace replaces traditional sheers to give you a vintage effect. Get creative when layering your curtains.

  1. DIY Tiebacks

DIY Tiebacks

Curtains aren’t all about the fabric. The tiebacks that you use add interest. Make your own using unexpected items, such as chic gold chains or glass doorknobs. Tassels are also in style and provide elegant, bohemian flair.

  1. Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor Curtains

Don’t shy away from adding fabric to your outdoor areas. Keep the glare away from sunrooms and porches by draping curtains in the corners. Doing this helps exterior spaces feel like an extension of your home. Choose fabrics that are meant for use outside or easy to wash. Some can even protect you from UV rays.

  1. Industrial Hanging Drapes

Industrial Curtains

Show off your hardware and create less fuss by adding industrial elements to your curtains. The industrial style works well in airy interiors, such as converted warehouses and lofts. This practical look also works well with distressed wood furniture and accents. Long drapes benefit from grommets or rings at the top. This solution for hanging curtains also adds subtle metallic without overpowering your rooms.

  1. Color Contrast

Complementary Curtain Colors

If you’re feeling bold, consider generating contrast between your curtains and wall colors. Complementary hues sit across from one another on the color wheel. Orange goes well with blue; violet enhances yellow. If you choose this daring design, don’t pair solids with solids. SFGate explains that stripes work well. So make patterns that incorporate the complementary color with a neutral shade.

  1. Heavy Curtains

Complementary Curtains

You can be formal without getting frumpy by choosing heavy fabrics. Thick silk and velvet work wonderfully infancy living and dining rooms, according to Real Simple. Plus, they insulate your rooms from drafts. One modern trend involves allowing the panels to pool on the floor slightly. This adds softness and romance to your rooms. You’ll need to adjust them after you vacuum, or your kids hide behind them, though.

No matter what curtain designs you opt for, there are a few rules to remember. Curtains should hit the window sill or the floor. In-between lengths look a bit like high-water jeans. Make sure that the drapes are wide enough to maintain their fullness when they’re shut. If they’re too narrow, they look sparse.

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  1. I like how you elaborated on the different trends in window treatments. My husband and I are needing to update our kitchen curtains. We like how you said that valances are great for kitchen windows.


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