The 3 Interesting Ways That Lighting Affects Your Mood


Cozy Lighting

If you have ever felt a lack of motivation because the sky is cloudy and the house is a bit dark, then you already understand how light affects your mood. There are many different types of lighting, and each will put you in a certain mindset. Some will get you motivated to be more productive; others will give you a cozy feeling that makes you want to curl up with a book.

Understanding that light affects your mood will help you use lights to your advantage. If you need a pick-me-up, then lights can work to give you a boost. If you want to get sleepy, then different lights can put you in sleep mode, so you fall asleep quickly. In this article, we will go over several ways that lights can affect your mood.

  1. Blue Light Increases Energy

Blue Lighting

When you are looking at your phone or tablet right before bed and then find yourself having trouble falling asleep, it’s not a coincidence. Blue light makes you feel more energetic since it tricks the brain into not producing any melatonin. This gives you an energy boost that can be helpful during the day but terrible at night.

If this often happens enough over time, then you can end up with a case of sleep deprivation that affects many other aspects of your life. So instead, put the phone away for at least 30 minutes before bed and turn on some table lamps with soft lighting.

During the daytime, when you feel like you need to get more productive, then try using some blue light in your office for a time until you feel recharged and ready to give more effort. You can also use blue light in your home when you need to get motivated to work out or do some yoga.

  1. Natural Light Helps Beat Stress

Natural Lights

Going for a walk or sitting in a park is a great way to deal with stress. So many people like to get outside when they feel stress or anxiety set in. When you get outside, not only are you getting the blood flowing, which helps lower your cortisol levels, but the light is also playing a part.

One of the reasons is that natural light helps reset our body’s natural circadian rhythms. When things are balanced in our bodies, we tend to feel happier. For example, it’s widely understood that people that have offices with windows that let natural light shine in are happier at work and less prone to stress and anxiety.

  1. Bright Light Heightens Emotions

Bright Light

When you are in a brightly lit room and are feeling anxious, the light will increase that anxiety. On the other hand, if you are in a happy-go-lucky mood, then bright light will make you even giddier. This is because bright light acts as a sort of mood enhancer and brings out whatever you are feeling in higher decibels. Keep this in mind if you are ever in a bad mood, so you can avoid it getting worse by staying in bright light.

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