The Basics Of Interior Design


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The Basics Of Interior Design

Designing your own living room or another area where you know your family is going to spend a ton of time in is tough because you can only be mad at yourself when you don’t like it. Balancing light, comfort, and style is not an easy thing to do when you have no design experience. Of course, you have an idea of what you want your space to look like since you’ve scoured Pinterest and watched HGTV until it’s just repeated, but how do you get from an empty room to that beautiful living room you see other people have? Well, the less stressful way to pursue a picture-perfect living room is to hire a professional interior designer. Of course, that’s also the more expensive route. If you’re preparing to tackle this all on your own, there are a few things you should definitely keep in mind.

Keeping it Functional

You want your new living room to be eye-catching and keep your visitors talking about how they want a living room just like yours. With that, you’re also going to want to make sure it’s comfortable and functional. When your guests leave, it’s going to be a place for your family to come together, and for that reason, it should be inviting and family-friendly.

The furniture is something that you can easily overlook its functionality. That white material might make it look like you’re living in a beach house on the coast, but are you sure your 3 years old isn’t going to spill his or her juice? Explore other options, maybe a darker blue or even a white material that isn’t going to stain so easily. Not only is color and texture important, but comfort is another thing to think about. Please don’t buy a couch online unless you know it’s the couch for you. It’s highly recommended that you physically sit and lay on your soon-to-be couch before making the purchase. It might be great to look at, but if no one’s going to sit on it,  what’s the point?

Those tips might seem pretty obvious, but new designers might not even consider it. After thinking about your color scheme, make sure you create a floor plan. Draw out your living room on graph paper, labeling cable wires, outlets, and windows. You’re going to want to measure it out so that you’re not covering up anything important with a couch that’s too big. Your furniture usually faces the focal point of the room. This can be anything from a fireplace to a bookcase or even a FrameMyTv’s TV Mirror. No matter your focal point, it will be something that people’s eyes go directly towards. Ensure you have a focal point, or else everything in the room will feel small and lost.

Choosing Colors

According to HGTV, you’re going to want to pick three colors for a room. The three colors should be broken up into a dominant color used for walls, fabrics, and carpeting, a secondary color that can be found in accessories and other small pieces, and an accent color that serves to give the room energy and excitement.

When it comes to patterns, it’s okay to utilize different patterns as long as the color scheme remains the same. Too many colors in the patterns is overwhelming. When picking out the color scheme for your room, you want to take the amount of natural lighting into account. A dark color in a naturally dark room will make it feel even smaller and more closed off, so test the colors on a wall before painting the entire room.

Always use sample swatches to compare the different accessories, materials, and colors already happening in the room. There’s nothing worse than falling in love with a piece to realize it’s a few shades off.

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