The Basics Of Roof Restoration You Always Wanted To Know


Roof Restoration

Roof restoration is a process of cleaning, repairing, and recoating a roof. The purpose of this procedure is to protect both old and new roofs from damages of various nature. The type of procedure that needs to be carried out depends on the type of roof — replacing tiles, sealing, or repainting the installed metal sheet or complete removal and installation of an entirely new sheeting. In the initial stages of the restoration process, the roof is cleaned by removing dirt and algae, and then only will the contractor proceed towards fixing the damage. Matrix Roofing provides the best solutions to all your roof problems; the following is what you should know regarding roof restorations.

  1. Roof Restoration – Metal

Roofs made of metal sheets require extensive repairing in case of damage. Types of damages that metal roofs involve are spot leakages or damaged sheeting. Leakages in metal sheets often develop at the intersection point of sheets or the seams. In addition to this, leakage can also exist where the roof sheet meets the guttering. To fill these leaks out, a patch is used to cover these leaks. Usually, these patches are made up of the same material as the roof, colors are added to blend the thin layer with the plate. Metal screws are used to affix the patch and then sealed to prevent any further leakage.

  1. Roof Restoration – Tiled

Roof title can be damaged due to numerous reasons, amongst those are severe weather conditions or incidents like falling off a heavy tree branch. The timely repair can prevent the entire house from any further serious damage; in other words, a timely repair can save a lot of money. Repairing process of a roof tile includes rebedding and repointing the ridge tiles, or replacing broken, damaged or cracked tiles. After the repairing process, application of an anti-fungicide and sealer on the newly added or repaired tiles.

  1. Roof Replacement Or Roof Restoration

The decision to move towards roof replacement or roof restoration depends on the damaged condition of the roof. This essentially means that if a roof is so seriously damaged that patching or even replacing segments cannot ensure complete safety, then one should consider a roof replacement. Roof replacement is not only costly but requires the complete evacuation of the premises until the work is completed. This is primarily why residents are advised to restore their roof before the situation worsens. In case of a harsh climate like heavy rainfalls, a leaking or unsafe roof can lead to serious damage to the entire structure of the house. Since this will cause the interior walls to be damped, resulting in fungi and other bacterial growth. Incase where house extension is in place, roof replacement is a good option.

  1. Roofing Materials

Undergoing the process of roof replacement, it is wise to check available roofing materials and carry out a cost-benefit analysis. Following are some commonly used and available materials:

  1. Colorbond

Durable, fire-resistant, and comes in a variety of color schemes. They usually come in a warranty of 25 years. Metal roofing use colorbond.

Tiled roofing has a wide variety, which includes terracotta, concrete, or slate. All of them are fire resistant with a period of over 25 years in most cases.

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