The Benefits Of Daylighting



Daylighting is the design of architectural buildings around areas of natural light through the use of windows, skylights, doors, and other openings. There have been numerous studies that prove the benefits of being exposed to natural light, especially in the early morning. Having a home designed around natural light can improve your overall health and well-being.

Sometimes the inner portions of your house don’t get the same amount of sunlight as areas closer to the exterior. Using specific doors and walls treated with translucent materials can help circulate light to the rest of your house. With an updated, modern design in your home or office, you can reap all the benefits of proper daylighting.

Improved Health And Mood

Natural light can improve one’s health in many ways. Natural sunlight is the body’s primary source of Vitamin D, which keeps energy levels high and boosts morale. Working or living in an environment with natural light also amplifies melatonin production when the sun goes down, which helps establish and support healthier sleep cycles.

“Bright light therapy” has also been used by doctors to treat patients with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). During the times of the year when there is less daylight, it’s more important than ever to get as much exposure as possible to natural light and blue skies. This exposure releases serotonin in the brain, boosting people’s moods.

Improved Productivity

It’s no secret that the right environment will improve your productivity and focus when working. Various reports show that environmental factors also lead to improved academic performances. Schools designed with daylighting in mind observe that students perform better than other schools in similar districts. Not only does natural light help improve vision, but the shifting in tone and color throughout the day resonates better than artificial light.

Sunlight has numerous other benefits for the human brain, including better short-term memory and improved concentration. Workers in offices with more natural light have increased production by up to 20%. Bright, natural light improves alertness, allowing more concentration and better moods throughout key points of the day.

Improved Environment

Utilizing natural light helps improve the environment as well as your health. By using natural light instead of electricity, you’re saving on the cost of lighting and reducing your home’s or office’s carbon footprint. Natural light is sustainable and free, making it one of the best renewable resources. With high-quality windows, doors, and skylights, you can capitalize on the benefits of the natural world around you.

Daylighting is the best practice your home or office can employ when beginning to design or redesign your space. Having access to natural light improves your cognitive ability and mood, leading to better, more productive days. With the added benefit of a regulated sleep cycle, it’s easy to see why exposure to sunlight is so important. With high-quality, light-sharing materials in your home or office, you can improve your health and save on electricity bills.

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