The Best Decor For Your Medical Office Or Clinic

The Best Decor For Your Medical Office Or Clinic

Medical Office Decor Ideas

Decorating your home is all about reflecting your personality and furnishing your house with what you love. However, if you are a doctor or surgeon, decorating your Washington DC medical office space or clinic has to consider others. Your patients will naturally be nervous and a bit edgy (no one likes to visit a doctor), and being surrounded by the right décor can be reassuring. The wrong décor can amp up anxiety or seem off-putting.

The Right Artwork

Decorating your medical office or surgery center should revolve around creating a soothing atmosphere. Whether patients are waiting in the reception area or in an exam room, they should be surrounded by calming colours and artwork that make a serene mood. This isn’t where you want to display frightening, avant-garde art that could stir up negative emotions. Two excellent options are restful landscapes and abstract art, which are neutral as long as you don’t choose something that appears violent or controversial.

Look for landscapes that feature sunrises or sunsets, lots of natural elements like beach scenes or forests, and scenes that patients might like to visit. Raging storms or bleak cityscapes should be reserved for other spaces. At Northwest Surgery Center‘s Colorado office, a focal wall was created with a backlit photograph of snow-capped mountains, pine trees, and a gorgeous blue sky. The serenity of the scene is perfect for a surgical center.

Neutral Colors

Neutral doesn’t have to be boring. Bright white can seem a bit clinical, so choose soft whites or pale, creamy shades of beige or grey for the primary colour, then accent with soft shades such as sage green, charcoal, or pale shades of gold. Add warmth and richness with wood or woodgrain accents such as chairs, cabinets, and chair rails.

Bright Accents

While the overall look should be soothing, a few bright pops of colour will keep things cheerful. An accent wall behind the reception desk in a bold colour like turquoise or pumpkin will liven things up. The accent wall also draws people to the reception area when they walk in, establishing where they need to go when they arrive.

Comfortable But Practical Furniture

Some elements of a medical office are standard – exam tables have to meet specific criteria – but don’t lose sight of patient comfort. For example, padded headrests and arms on exam chairs for podiatrists, dentists, and other physicians examining reclined patients can help reduce patient anxiety. In reception areas, cluster chairs in small groups so family members can sit together but still have some privacy.

The most practical furniture is upholstered in faux leather or vinyl. These can be as beautiful and soft as leather but are easy to clean and sanitize. Upholstered furniture gets dirty quickly and can’t be cleaned with a damp rag or sanitizing wipes. Grimy furniture doesn’t instil confidence or look clean, so opt for furniture that can be cleaned as often as possible.

Your medical office décor should provide a comfortable, attractive haven for patients. However, don’t make the mistake of trying to be too trendy or aggressive with your décor. When decorating your surgery center or clinic, soft, understated, and soothing are the keywords.


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