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Nowadays people put a lot of effort into the design and details of their party decorations. The world of Pinterest has lifted the party decor standard, and the realm of social media encourages people to throw photo-worthy parties that will garner plenty of likes.

To throw one of these parties your decor of course has to be based on what is popular and fashionable now, which means your standard balloons and Happy birthday flags don’t cut the mustard. You could hire a fabulous events planner which ensures not only fabulous decoration but perfect execution as well, or you could do a good old-fashioned DIY party.

DIY Party Decoration - Paper Flowers
When throwing your own party, the decor is somewhat dictated by the circumstances – Who the party is for (a child, an adult, a male, a female), the occasion (a graduation, a birthday, a baby shower, Christmas), the theme (a Halloween party, a Harry Potter, an Alice in Wonderland party), and the budget which of course limits your decorations. Your desire to clean-up can also affect the decor. If you don’t want a huge clean-up I highly recommend not throwing confetti, especially not on the lawn as it can’t be vacuumed or swept (I speak from experience).

Despite the decor being dictated by the above things, there are still simple decor rules that you can follow and apply to all circumstances. These rules will ensure you’re throwing a party that is up-to-date, and pinterest/social media worthy. Let’s make sure everyone wants to take a photo!

What Are Today’s Trends?

Today’s popular party looks seem to be rustic, vintage, or antique, or light bright colours (white, or pastels). Minimalism is also huge which is a positive if we looking to keep to a budget.

Rustic, Vintage & Antique

Rustic, Vintage & Antique - Theme Party
When you hear the word rustic imagine plants, and hay, wood, burlap, twinkle lights and anything with peeling paint or dents. The great thing about the rustic theme is it can be done with items you can find in your backyard – a bit of firewood and some leaves for a centerpiece, an old paint can for a vase, and a flower pot for a cutlery holder.

Vintage and Antique go hand-in-hand with rustic, but they can play by a couple of different rules. For a vintage look think lace, mason jars as cups, and anything retro, while antique is more based in old books as decorations, mismatched teacups and bunting instead of streamers.

The great thing about these three styles as they are all made up of things that most people own, and while you probably don’t have a whole party’s worth of vintage cups and plates, you’re totally allowed to mix the modern with the old because mis-matching is part of achieving the rustic look.

Bright, Light, Minimalism

Modern Party Decorations
Another modern trend is using bright light colours such as whites and pastels, and letting that light in through the use of minimalism.

This particular decor trick is fairly straightforward, pick a simple and bright colour scheme that falls under this category, and make your decorations sparse with some twinkle-lights to add a bit more light.

A great and cheap way to incorporate your chosen colour is through paper. There are heaps of examples online of flowers, pom poms, and many other things made out of bright pieces of paper. You could make one or two large balls of paper and use them as the centre of your minimalist look.

These decor tips are easy and cheap to follow, but as a bonus all these different styles go together well. For example, you could have a rustic/vintage table setting with an nice wooden centrepiece, while keeping your other decorations sparse and minimal when it comes to the walls and ceiling. You could limit your other decorations to some white or pastel coloured bunting and some fairy lights and Ta-Da! You have created a fantastic and beautiful party look that is great for a baby shower, a birthday party, a christmas dinner and many other occasions. Take away the teacups and lace, and add some pastel coloured flower pots and paper pom poms and you’ve got yourself a great kids party decor!

These looks are universal, and up-to-date.

So simple, so easy, so now!

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