The Best Pots For Houseplants


Architectural plants and lush tropical plants can really bring a world of difference to the homes of us modern city-dwellers, and the right pots and planters for these houseplants are starting to become just as good looking as the very plants they house. With more and more people taking pride in the way their homes look, it is no surprise that a whole host of different, quirky, and beautiful planters are starting to make their way onto the market.

Choosing The Right Planter

The ‘right planter’ purchased from a concrete planter factory is very subjective and only you can truly know what one is the right fit for your home. Do you live in a modern apartment or do you live in an old-time duplex with original hard-wood paneling and contemporary fittings? The specific design and feel of your home, as well as your overall taste, is the real deciding factor when it comes to the right planter.

So long as you choose one which fits in with your home and does not stand out like a sore thumb, you cannot go far wrong. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t plonk an ultra-modern chrome planter in the middle of a bohemian living room.

Growing An Indoor Plant

Growing An Indoor Plant
Many people are put off from buying indoor plants because they think that growing them is difficult. In short, it really is not. So long as you buy the right planter from e Planters, water them regularly, ensure they get plenty of light and have the right environment for them (tropical plants require a degree of warmth, for example) then you really can’t go far wrong.

The most difficult thing about growing an indoor plant is watching out for root rot. In general, root rot can be spotted by the presence of yellow leaves which are dropping, and soft brown spots on these leaves which are easy to rupture. To avoid root rot, re-pot your plants every so often and wash the roots themselves, cutting away any dead and rotten parts.

Self-Watering Planters

Although it may sound like something from the future, self-watering planters are very much real and are very useful if you want a clever piece of technology which can not only water your plants for you but do it at the right time when your plant needs it. This helps to avert the risk of over-watering and potentially harming your indoor plants.

Self-watering planters are great for indoor plants in particular because they do not have the opportunity to take on rainwater. Plus, you avoid the risk of your busy schedule getting in the way of your plant’s TLC.

The best planter and pots for your houseplants really does depend on your individual tastes more than anything. Whatever you do, make sure you buy a planter which is appropriately sized, designed for indoor use, and fits in with the overall look, feel, and theme of your living space; it is all too easy to make a faux pas when it comes to buying them!

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