The Best Shingle Types For Homes In The Pacific Northwest


Best Shingle Types

Majestic mountain ranges, lush forests, and cosmopolitan cities make the Pacific Northwest a fabulous place to live. However, there is a lot of mold in the region, and it rains all the time. If you own a house in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, or British Columbia, you will want to shield it from the elements. Picking the appropriate shingles is a critical part of protecting your abode. There are several types of shingles that professionals consider to be the best for the area.

  1. Cedar Shakes

Cedar Shakes

There are many cedar trees in Canada, and as a result, homes in Washington and Oregon often have cedar shingles. The hand-split wood gives any home a classic, rustic look. An aesthetically pleasing home is a profitable one.

Unfortunately, cedarwood is susceptible to parasitic growth and is, therefore, difficult to maintain. Moss is known to grow between the planks, and so is lichen and mold. These days, there are products that preserve wood and make it considerably easier to protect.

You can buy a cedar seal to shield the cedar from parasites. The integrity of cedarwood is most often protected by a penetrating oil such as linseed or tung.

When you buy a new home or get shingles for an existing home, you should ask if the cedar has been protected from both aesthetic and structural damage. You should also ask what kind of sealant was applied to the wood.

  1. Slate Shingles

Slate Shingles

Slate is a type of stone that makes a durable and visually pleasing roofing material. It lasts longer than asphalt but not as long as metal. Slate is a relatively low-maintenance material. As it is a kind of rock, it does not wear away like cedar.

Slate is expensive and can cost almost $20 a square foot. The stone is heavy to move and maneuver; only an expert roofer can install it, and that makes the labor more expensive.

  1. Metal Shingles

Metal Shingles

Metal shingles may cost a bit more, but they can last 2 to 3 times longer than other types of shingles. If the metal is made of zinc or copper, the roof may last as long as 100 years.

Metal keeps cold and warm air in the house, and it is parasite-proof. Metal shingles are less likely to be damaged by animals such as woodpeckers and raccoons. Shingles that are made of metal can give your home a futuristic look.

The main con of having a metal roof is that it is quite a bit more expensive than other materials. The labor cost may also be greater if you use a metal roof. There is a good amount of precipitation in the Pacific Northwest, and metal roofs are noisy in the rain.

  1. Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt is one of the most popular roofing types in the United States. Asphalt shingles are made by surrounding fiberglass with ceramic and asphalt. On occasion, it is mixed with various kinds of minerals.

The ceramic in these kinds of shingles will help deflect UV rays. It is easier to install because it comes in sheets instead of individual pieces, as cedarwood does, so labor should be relatively inexpensive. In some cases, new shingles are installed over old ones to save time and money.

The main problem with asphalt roofs is that they only last 20 years or so. If you are shopping for a roof, you should bear in mind that there are several grades of asphalt shingles: standard, architectural, and multilayered. The experts at can best advise you on the grade of asphalt that is right for you.

Having a roof over your head is one of a person’s most basic needs. With the right research, you can find a roof that will keep you safe and comfortable for a long time.

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