The Best Tips For Apartment And Home Cleaning Between Tenants



Now is the perfect time to become a rental property manager or a full-time landlord. After all, the real estate sector has been thriving for quite some time now. For your information, around 88% of the property managers have increased their rental rates to earn more money. Especially now that many people are willing to shift to the urban areas for better employment and lifestyle opportunities, renting properties has emerged as the need of the hour. Simply put, many people are looking for properties that are available for rent. However, one aspect that is often overlooked and brushed under the rug is the cleaning of the property, which has to be rented out. Sometimes the easiest option is to hand over the job to a professional cleaning company such as Oven Cleaning Birmingham. If you’re a new landlord, you’ll find it one of the hardest parts of this job. Even if you have hands-on experience running a business like this, it will be challenging to manage tenancy initially. Therefore, one good tip that you should be mindful of is that cutting corners will never be good when managing a property. Here’s a basic checklist that will help you throughout the process.

Don’t Forget The Move-Out Inspection

For your information, the move-out is the most important part of the rental process. So don’t forget to attend any such event. Not to forget, this one event will allow the tenants to identify the loopholes in the property and also make you pay for the damages. Therefore, if you’re present at the inspection, you will be able to measure the veracity of their claims yourself. It is also a good time to debate over rebates and whether haggling will be possible or not. Secondly, you better receive all the unit keys before anyone gets a chance to create a duplicate.

Go Through The Utility Accounts

Never rely on the tenants when they want to switch the utilities before moving out. You can add a move-out step in the procedure to provide evidence of having turned off the utilities. For your information, if a tenant has failed to turn off the utility account, they will be held responsible by the landlord. In this case, since you are the landlord yourself, you can sue them and ask them to provide a detailed explanation. You would certainly want to assume control over the utilities for different units and charge a monthly rent. This will eventually save time and allow you to assume control in keeping a close check on the associated accounts. In contrast, overlooking the utility accounts will always brew skepticism in your mind, and you won’t ever get into the depth of the finances.

Always Maintain Photographic Records

It’s no surprise that visual evidence is the best way to assume control over any disputes your tenants may have during the move-out process. Now, with smartphones allowing you to record even the nooks and crannies of the property, you should never shy away from taking pictures. In other words, it is the best way to capture how the property looks at a certain point in time. Out of all the properties, you should never overlook any and should try to document them before the tenants are provided with the keys to their new residence. Check out some rent to own homes on the web and see how the landlords keep track of their properties through taking pictures and recording videos so that they can get ahead of any disputes with the potential tenants in the future.

Clean Some More

Taking some time out to clean the entire property will be of great benefit to you in the end. After all, you might have to address the issues that have been caused by the tenants during their stay. For this to happen, you can sit down and create a quick checklist of all the places that have to be cleaned quickly. For your information, the primary checklist will be inclusive of cleaning appliances, sanitizing the hard surfaces, testing the current light fixtures in the house, and shampooing the carpet that isn’t to be cleaned yet. Even if you have to replace the HVAC filters, mention them in the checklist so you don’t forget anything at the end.

Replace The Carpeting

Dirty carpets can be a source of disease on the property. Especially if the carpet is not been replaced for years, it is always best to have it shampooed as soon as you can. For some properties, a shop vacuum and shampoo might be sufficient. However, if a property has been rented for a long time, you might consider replacing the carpet entirely as well. Replacing the carpet works as a catalyst for pest control since it allows additional cleaning and repair opportunities. Furthermore, you also potentially get rid of any strong odors in the house and any unappealing stains.

Never Overlook The Landscaping

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that landscaping is an important part of the property. This final touch will be a major deciding factor for tenants deciding whether they want to live on your property or not. In this day and age, all properties need to be landscaped properly before they are available for rent. However, if you don’t have hands-on experience with landscaping yourself, you can hire a company that will offer top-notch landscaping services to scoop out unwanted plants and create space. The curb appeal is highly dependent on how well the property has been landscaped. Furthermore, it also avoids any local ordinance issues with the state. So now that you have understood the potential benefits, you better get your property landscaped on time.

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