The Best Uses For Solar Flood Lights Around Your Home


Solar Flood Lights

There were more than 1 million burglaries in the USA during 2019. The number of home burglaries has been steadily dropping since 2011, and part of the reason is because of modern home security systems.

Alarm systems, electronic gates, and security lighting have helped make homes safer and more secure. However, all of these systems come with a cost and require maintenance. Installation and repairs can be costly, and utility bills will rise with daily use.

Solar power is one way that you can still use security systems while keeping electricity costs down. Combining solar power with LED lighting can help provide excellent property flooding and provide maximum security.

What Are Floodlights?

When you think of floodlights, you may be reminded of football games, concerts, or arenas, and you would be right. Floodlights are used when there is a need to light up a vast area easily. The lights will often be positioned high up to cover a big area, although they can also light up a building from below.

The purposes of floodlights range from making sporting events visible at night to house security. There are many ways to keep your home safe and secure, and lighting is one of the simplest but most effective methods.

What Are The Best Types Of Floodlights?

Lighting is something that everyone takes almost for granted. Homes have lightbulbs everywhere. Street lights illuminate roads and paths; cars have headlights. However, lighting is advancing all the time. Neon lights are being replaced by LED versions, smart lighting is being introduced into homes, and security lights are changing.

Anyone interested in saving money and taking care of the environment would appreciate floodlights that can do both. Fortunately, there are two ways that modern floodlights can do just that. Solar-powered LED floodlights are the ideal choice for someone concerned with home security, their wallet, and the planet.

According to Arcadia, the average US family will spend around $1500 a year on electricity. This energy is produced by fossil fuels which contribute to greenhouse gases, acid rain, produce heavy metals, and cause allergies such as asthma.

Solar-powered LED floodlights are environmentally friendly, need little or no maintenance, and require no electricity as their batteries are charged by the sun.

What Are The Best Uses For Solar Flood Lights?

The main purpose for solar flood lights around the home will be for security, but it isn’t the only purpose they were made for.

Solar flood lights can be used to light up a garden or a swimming pool at night. Some models come with color-changing functions to add atmosphere to an outdoor area. They can also come with dimmers so that the brightness can be reduced for comfort.

They can also be used to flood light a home. By positioning the floodlights at ground level and pointing up the exterior of the building, they can light up architectural features and highlight certain areas. This effect is often used in stadiums, museums, and stately homes.

When it comes to security, though, they are particularly useful.

Security Uses For Solar Flood Lights

When it comes to picking the right solar flood lights for security purposes, it is important to find ones that will work well in the winter when there is less sunlight. LED floodlights are a good choice due to the brightness they can provide and the long life of the diodes.

Search for features including remote control, good area coverage, brightness, fast charging, motion sensors, and good all-weather proofed durability. Your lights will be outside, so they need to handle the elements and hopefully provide you with years of protection.

Typically, floodlights will be positioned to cover the driveway and front yard, any passages or paths beside the house, the back garden, and the garage. Although many burglaries take place in the daytime, criminals also love the cover that darkness gives them. Floodlights can take away any hiding spots and scare a burglar off before they have even gotten near to your home.


No doubt you already know why home security is important, but solar flood lights provide more than just safety. You can use these lights to give a wonderful atmosphere to a garden party by controlling the color and brightness and swathing the backyard in various colors. Night swims can be had by dimmed floodlights to illuminate the pool, and property can be lit up at night in soft colors.

When it comes to security, solar flood lights with LED technology provide a bright, environmentally safe alternative to incandescent lighting. LED lights last far longer than standard bulbs and are combined with solar energy. They will require no fossil fuels to be burnt.

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