The Best Walk-Behind Mower Safety Tips You Need To Know


Walk Behind Mower Safety Tips

Nothing beats the fresh aroma of trimmed grass. A properly manicured lawn looks stunning. All thanks to your best walk behind mower for hills. But, unfortunately, accidents are also a part of the experience. They shouldn’t be though. Especially when you have access to these walk-behind mower safety tips!

Routine yard maintenance/care does open the door to mishaps. No matter how rare! In most cases, it’s the lawn mower that causes such disasters. So why not take certain precautions!

All you have to do is follow this lawn mower safety checklist. It keeps you safe and in a single piece. While also ensuring the safety of the lawn mower! After all, you did spend a lot of money on it.

Walk-Behind Mower Safety Tips: The Dos

Riding Lawn Mower Safety Tips

Read The Manual

I’m sure there’s a user manual you got with your lawnmower. So go through it thoroughly.

You need to understand every control feature. How each control works is something that demands your attention.

Figure Out An Emergency Stop

What would you do in the face of an emergency? How would you stop your lawn mower quickly? There’s a feature for that. All you ought to do is get to know the particular control button.

Inspect The Machine

Before using the lawn mower, run your eyes through the whole piece of equipment. Are there any missing protective coverings? Any loose belts? Or is there some grass or debris accumulated somewhere? Collected grass and dirt often give rise to fire hazards.

Inspect The Yard

Even your yard can pose a problem at such times. Look for sticks and other such debris before you begin mowing. It’s important to make sure that these elements are out of the picture at the time of operation.

Turn Off The Engine When The Mower Is Not In Use

You should switch off the lawn mower’s engine. And, if possible or accessible, disconnect its plug wire as well. Always do this before you attempt to work on or unclog the mower. Even if your machine is equipped with the blade-brake type of clutch system!

Turn Off The Engine When Making Cutting Height Adjustments

Another time to switch off the engine is when you’re adjusting the equipment’s cutting height.

Mow In Daylight

It goes without saying that you should mow when the light is at its brightest. And by light, I mean sunlight. There should be enough daylight for you to see everything.

Adopt A Proper Technique On Slopes

What is this proper technique you might be wondering, right? Well, when mowing on slopes, keep a check on your footing. And always, no matter what, work across slopes.

Keep Lawn Mower Flat During Operation

Avoid tilting or lifting the mower’s cutting deck when it’s running. It’s the safest when the tool is flat on the ground at all times.

Shut Off The Blade When Not In Use

Does your lawn mower have the blade-brake type of clutch system? If yes, then do exercise this precaution. Stop its blade from moving/spinning before crossing a drive or sidewalk. It avoids throwing any loose gravel or stones.

And if your model doesn’t have the clutch mechanism, turn off its engine. It’s important to do so before you cross that paved surface.

Turn Off The Mower If It Hits An Object

Say your lawn mower hit something, what do you do? Turn the thing off immediately. Scrutinize the machine for any possible damages. So you can repair them before restarting the operation.

Walk-Behind Mower Safety Tips: The Don’ts

Lawn Mower Safety Training

The Dos discussed above are perfect for lawn mower safety training. As for riding lawn mower safety tips, focus more on these Don’ts.

Don’t Disable Safety Devices

No matter what you do, it’s a complete no-no when it comes to removing safety guards. Or disabling safety devices! You’ll just be inviting trouble if you do.

Don’t Mow On A Damp Yard

What happens when the yard is wet or even damp? Your chances of slipping are more likely. And what happens if you slip while mowing? The chances of your feet sliding under the mower’s cutting deck are also more likely. So how about you avoid these possibilities? Just by not mowing on a damp or wet yard!

You can put on sports cleats or golf shoes as a safety measure. If you still wish to mow! The shoes improve turf grip.

Don’t Pull The Mower

When using a walk behind mower, avoid pulling it toward you. You need to push it away from you. Forward is what I mean.

Don’t Clear Blockages With Your Hands

Dealing with lawn mower clogs demands the use of a tool or stick. Never your hands! Unless you don’t mind losing them just in case!

Don’t Mow On Very Steep Slopes Or Inclines

Maintaining control and balance is very important when using a lawnmower. Especially on slopes! If you feel like the incline’s too steep and stability is not under your control, what do you do? You don’t mow on that particular slope.

The End

Lawn Mower Safety Checklist

Most of the walk-behind mower safety tips discussed in the article stem from common sense. Just be a little mindful about safety when using your mower. You don’t need to do much. And remember that it’s a machine being operated by you, a human. So the control is in your hands.

Do you have a safety checklist that you’d like to share with us? If yes, then please get to the comments section right away. Let’s together share the joy of being safe than sorry.

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  1. Warn other people before mowing your lawn. Keep children inside and pets penned up while operating your mower. Always be prepared to stop in case someone or something darts in the area you are mowing.


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