The Best Ways to Pack Your Halloween Decorations


Halloween Decorations

Putting up and decorating your house with Halloween props and decorations is arguably one of the best things about Halloween. It helps get you in the mood for the big day. However, after the 31st of October, the decorations must come down, which means you are left with dozens of decorations and items to pack away for another year. Here are the best ways for you to pack your Halloween decorations. 

One of the best ways to store your Halloween items is to place smaller items inside bigger ones. When you are packing away miniature Halloween items, such as toy zombie or monster figurines, see if you can fit these inside larger decorations such as pumpkin style sweet buckets.

Halloween Props

This method will help you save valuable space and place your decorations in a convenient location to allow you to access retrieve them when they are needed for next Halloween. It also helps you keep all your Halloween items in one place without having to search throughout numerous locations and storage boxes.

Using clear boxes to store your Halloween decorations is another efficient way to store your items and retrieve them for later use. Clear boxes will allow you to quickly find out what items and decorations are stored in each box. When storing your Halloween items, you should also try and keep everything together in one box so you can easily access your decorations when you need them for next Halloween.

If you are unable to use clear storage boxes, try and use colored boxes to distinguish the types of items that are in each box. For example, use orange boxes for all Halloween items.

Halloween Items

As well as using storage boxes when packing away your items, you should also label each box to make it more comfortable for you to know what things are packed inside each storage box. This is extremely useful when you are packing away fragile or breakable items. If you are dealing with any of these Halloween decorations, it is ideal for packing these together, so you know to be careful when dealing with the box and the decorations inside it. It is also highly recommended that all fragile items are stored in storage boxes instead of cardboard boxes. This gives the things extra protection as cardboard boxes tend to get crushed, which causes damage to your fragile Halloween decorations.

Although Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays of the year, the decorations will, unfortunately, have to come down at some point and packed away for next year. Throughout the year, it can be easy to lose track of where you have stored your items. Ideally, you should keep your Halloween items and storage boxes in one place to be able to quickly locate them for when they need using again.

If you follow the advice above, you should have packed away your Halloween items as efficiently as possible. However, other holidays are occurring throughout the year, such as Christmas. Since the spooky holiday only happens once a year, you can ‘push’ your Halloween decorations to the back and bring forward items for other holidays – such as Christmas and Birthdays. Planning for future holidays (as well as Halloween) will ensure that you waste as little storage space as possible.

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