The Best Wood For Building A Deck


Building a deck requires people to carefully select the type of wood they are planning to use, as the entire structure will stand on the material that is being used. If low quality wood or material is used then the deck would not last for a long period of time. Three types of wood decking material are used but each type has its own unique quality. However, in order to make the best choice one needs to know the characteristics that are essential for building a deck. But before anything, you need to make lots and lots of research. Building a deck is a time consuming and difficult thing to do and in order to get maximum results out of your efforts, you first need to make sure that the quality of the products that you are using is first class. When it comes to choosing the perfect wood, you first need to make research and check the reviews of customers too. Well, don’t worry we are here to make it easy for you and here is the list of the most commonly used decking material that is being used by the most famous deck makers, even today!

Cedar Wood

Cedar Wood Deck
Cedar is the most commonly used wood as it is rot resistant which means that it can keep your deck intact for a long period of time. Moreover, it also does not absorb a lot of moisture content hence the deck remains flat for a long period of time. On average a deck made up of cedar wood can be used for a period of at least 10-15 years. However, the only drawback that this wood has is that it loses its wooden look after a particular amount of time has passed. It is also very soft hence if anything is dragged on the deck then it might leave marks on the floor. Lastly, cedar wood is one of the most reasonable materials that can be used to create a deck as compared to other materials that are used in its creation.

Pressure-Treated Wood

Pressure Treated Wood Deck
Another type of wood that is used is pressure treated wood. It is highly economical and long lasting hence in most cases it is the first preference of the users. Pressure treated wood is stainable and it is highly resistant which means that it can withstand any type of pressure or force applied. However, there are further classifications of pressure-treated wood hence one needs to be careful while purchasing it. The inexpensive pressure treated wood is very poor when it comes to absorbing moisture hence it can also shrink with time. The only pressure-treated wood that one should buy includes choice, premium or select treated boards. These boards are a little expensive but at the end of the day they are longer lasting as compared to other pressure treated woods that are available in the market. These woods are kiln dried hence they have less chances of warping up.

Composite Wood

Composite Wood Deck

Composite wood is another type of wood that is used to create decks. People who are not a fan of maintaining their property or their belongings with time should go for such wood. It is made up of plastic, which is recycled along with wood and sawdust. As it is recycled, the cost of composite wood is more than cedar and pressure-treated wood. Composite woods are of great quality and hence they will not rot or twist no matter what. Moreover, unlike other woods the color change of composite woods is even, therefore; if you don’t want to paint it or polish it again then it’s totally normal. However, if staining is done on composite woods then even color change is not a problem that needs to be taken care of. People often complain about the way it looks but if you are planning to save your

money by investing just one time then composite wood is the right option for you. It hardly needs any sort of maintenance as the time passes by. Hence you just have to invest your money during the start of its construction. Once the deck is completed, you can use it for a very long period of time without any need of yearly or monthly maintenance.

All the material mentioned above can be used to construct a deck. However, people should make a wise choice depending on their budget and the way the deck is likely to be used. Remember that not everyone can be up for the task to build the deck you’re looking for. If you are uncomfortable with the large task of building a deck, you can always contact a local deck builder to assist you with the project.

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