The Cheval Mirror A Classic Choice With Many Possibilities

On January 24, 2017 by Himanshu Shah

When shopping for a mirror for their home there is one type many people have heard of yet happen to know little about. The cheval mirror is a classic which every style-savvy consumer should have on their radar. So here is your quick guide to this one-of-a-kind choice.

Unique From The Bottom Up

Standing Cheval Mirror
This is actually one type of mirror that has a long history. Cheval mirrors originated in France several hundred years ago. They were designed to function both as a piece of attractive décor and as a mirror to help make dressing easy. These actually are free-standing and use four separate legs as support which is an easy way to differentiate them from other types. So if you’re not sure whether what you’re looking at is a cheval or not just check to see if has four distinct legs.

Designed For Success

Cheval Dressing Mirror
Another very distinct feature of these mirrors is that they give you the ability to change the angle of the glass. This was built into the design and really makes them useful for getting dressed. Of course cheval mirrors are naturally long so you can see your whole reflection, but by tilting the glass you can also really get a great look at just one portion of your outfit which can be very important. The originators of this type of mirror had it right even though it was so long ago, as when your appearance needs to be perfect you’ll want a mirror that lets you see both your entire outfit and focus on part of it.

A Frame That Makes A Statement

Cheval Mirror
The frame of a mirror can help to accentuate the look of your space. Of course the material you finally decide on will need to be something that suits your preferences since it will most likely be seen and used on a daily basis. The two main options are wood and metal and each have many different colors, finishes, and benefits. Wooden frames in particular come in a wide array of choices so whether you are partial to something made from oak, pine, or a walnut cheval mirror there is plenty to pick from.

Picking The Best Spot For Using One

Walnut Cheval Mirror
Since these mirrors can be used both for functional and decorative purposes you may want to take a little time to think about where you will place yours. Of course you don’t have to take this too seriously because since they are free standing they can always be moved or repositioned when your needs or situation changes without much effort. That being said, for most people the most convenient area to place one is right where they normally get dressed every day. If your floor space is limited you can always place it off to the side a little bit or in a corner. When being used as a focal point which is often the case with an antique cheval mirror or one with an eye-catching frame, you actually can set them just about anywhere and expect amazing results since they are just so visually appealing!

The cheval mirror is a stunning décor choice for getting dressed or use as a focal point for maximum beauty. Whether you choose yours for function, looks, or both you’ll be sure to enjoy all this classic has to offer!

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