The Christmas Lights in the Outdoor Space


Christmas Lights in the Outdoor Space

The big holidays are around the corner, and there is nothing better to do than altering the garden landscaping or the entire house with Christmas lights. According to how many trees you have in the backyard, you can make a great combination of lights and branches. Take your free time to consider how many lights are needed and which tasks to give to the other family members. Check out the garden toolkit if you have the required tools such as isolation tape, pliers, ropes, ladder, ruler, pruners, pencil, etc.

Second, do some quick garden clean up before the decoration. Sort all the furnishings and put off aside the items that you don’t use quite often in the wintertime — the higher the free space, the better the visual effects in the nights. If you have powerful artificial lights in the garden, you may want to disconnect it while the Christmas lights are lit.

Inspect the condition of the trees and the plants, which you plan to en-wrap with lights. Keep in mind the overall weight of the lights and the sizes of the branches of the trees. Pick up only these that are thicker, and that is safe to support the heavy lights. The key to reliable gardening is always to check out the condition of the plants in the outdoor space. It will help avoid any damages when doing something not so frequently, for example – when transplanting flowers or lawn mowing. En-wrapping the trees and the bushes with Christmas lights makes no exception. Cut off the dry, thin branches with pruners and make sure to hang the lights only onto strong, healthy branches.

The choice of trees for decoration is even more essential. For the Christmas holiday – a better idea is to decorate a coniferous tree. Or else, if you decorate the same trees every year, get new brighter lights for this Christmas. Choose wisely trees to decorate, so to keep the garden maintenance is accessible throughout the holidays. By covering the trunks of the trees with lights, while how high depends on the height of the ladder. Don’t forget to lit the system every day since you install it on the trees.

Another great tip to enhance the nighttime atmosphere in your garden for this Christmas is to make an open fireplace, surrounded by stones. It will add a unique natural light to the night scenery, while the warmth of the fire will tempt you to spend more hours in the garden. Finish the decoration with numerous candlesticks on the frames of the windows, which can be seen from outdoors. Ask your kids to make a snowman as another piece of the garden landscaping, which will wash colorful reflections and a magnificent silhouette in the nights.

When you finish decorating the trunks and the main branches of the trees, and if there are still left some LED lights that need to be attached somewhere – keep in mind all other tall and significant objects in the garden. The fence is a great tip, as many gardeners always try to show the accurate scale and size of their gardens by highlighting the fences. The Christmas lights provide a truly colorful and bright highlight. Great advice is to spend more on Christmas lights, but choose the excellent quality rather than the number of the lights. The more dazzling LED lights will also last longer, so you can quickly turn them into a decoration for the Christmas tree.


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