The Classic Aviator Sofa


The Classic Aviator Sofa

The decorative furniture and designs in your home or office reflect your personality. Thus the need to select furniture that gives you comfort and provides an everlasting element in the setting. Over the years, the vintage collection has been significantly embraced as the new fashion in the home and living. Whether a desk, a lamp, or an armchair, vintage adds a classic touch to any room.

There are various types of antique furniture; however, this article mainly sheds light on the aviator sofa.

Origin Of The Aviator Sofa

In the 1950s, propeller airplanes were technologically outdated and replaced with jet engines. Thus, many aircraft were discarded.

At that time, American artisans lacked material, designing furniture made with genuine airplane parts such as cabin parts and the wing. As a result, numerous aircraft from the Second World War were scrapped and used to make lounge seats, chests, and other furniture.

The distinctive vintage design of an aviator chair was inspired by one of British engineering’s greatest achievements. The craftsmen used the Spitfire fighter plane to create a retro-style chair by placing the pilot seat between aluminum plates used as armrests.

The Aviator Sofa Today

Today, designers have adopted this inspiration by developing the Spitfire signature finish of interlocking multi-riveted aged aluminum panels and placing them on the seats’ sides. This style gives the sofa its vintage feel and pays tribute to the heroic feats and daring missions of the original Spitfire planes.

Why The Aviator Sofa?

The aviator sofa is more than just a seat; it’s a benchmark for luxury furniture. Below are some of the reasons why you should have this handcrafted masterpiece in your home.

  • Pride

The aviator sofa has the power to transform your living room into a high-end decorated interior design. Owning a couch with aeronautical parts will automatically generate a pleasant atmosphere of pride, elegance, and relaxation.

  • Flexibility

The structure consists of medium-density wood for flexibility and fibre panel covered with the riveted aluminum or silver plates for an industrial twist.

  • Comfort

Aviator sofas take relaxation to a whole new level. These sofas are padded with deep memory and polyurethane foam with an extra-tall back to ensure comfortability.

  • Neutral Colours

Besides the contemporary silver aluminum, which fits perfectly in any interior, aviator sofas come in either top grain leather barrel or faux coatings. It also comes in numerous colors such as dramatic jet black, grey, white or brown.

  • Vintage style

Vintage furniture revives the bygone era. Investing in an aviator sofa is a wise decision since it is durable and lasts for many years. Better yet, vintage never goes out of style. When it gets old, you can either retouch and polish it or maintain its old tattered look. It’s a win-win for you.

  • Variety

Aviator sofas have been modified and come in various designs and features, including reclining sofas, love seats, and club armchairs. More advanced features include a drop-down table, in-built wireless chargers, and so much more.

With a wide range of variety and designs, aviator chairs have proven to be suitable for all interiors. Go vintage all the way, from a sofa in your home to an armchair in the office.

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