The Coolest Ways To Decorate Your Walls


Does your home need some added spice? Are your walls looking too bare? Are you getting bored with how your rooms look but don’t want to spend too much money on redoing them? Here’s the trick you’ll love– wall decor. It might seem silly and simple, but you will be shocked when you see what it can do to your home.

Whether you’re a baseball fan and think of balls and bats, a male nurse who is searching for men’s scrub pants or a soldier who likes guns, you can create the vision of your choice quite easily. Choose the option that tickles your fancy most, roll up your sleeves, and get to work.

Canvas Decorating

Canvas Decorating

Ideas for decorating a canvas are unlimited! You can paint, splatter it, or pour glitter on it. Glue on sequins or scrunch up tissue paper.

Try to spray paint your canvas for a fun and creative look.

Here’s what you can do for an even more cooling effect:

  1. Put on painters’ tape in a variety of shapes and sizes before you spray paint it. You can glue on leaves if you are a nature lover as well. If you like words, put on a quote or a name.
  2. Spray paint to your canvas.
  3. After your canvas is dry, carefully peel the tape or leaves off.
  4. Stand back and admire your artwork!

Create A Photo Collage

Photo Collage

Take your favorite pictures that go along with the room and pushpin them into your wall in shape you desire. Try writing a quote with the pictures, or a name as well. You can buy cheap frames at your local Dollar Store, put in images and make a cute collage. This can also be enjoyable to look at and can trigger awesome conversations when reminiscing the memories in the photos.

Plaster On Some Stickers

Wall Stickers

Have young kids and need a Sunday or afternoon activity? Grab an assortment of stickers and some hard paper, and let your children put on as many stickers as their heart desires. Watch them smile as they do it! You can put in your finishing touches. Take those papers and make a beautiful wall collage like shown below.

Hats, Ties, Jewelry, And Accessories

Wall Decor Accessories

Believe it or not, these can enhance your wall too! Get some hooks and hang them up in a straight line, grid, or arch. Place any accessories on them. You can coordinate colors and sizes, or even mix and match. Have some fun, and play around until you are satisfied with the way it looks!

Try Some Cutouts

Wall Decor Cutouts

You can even redecorate every season since this is super easy! Your family and friends will love this room, and look forward to having it changed!

  1. Get some heavy-duty hard paper.
  2. Cut out neatly any shape you would like.
  3. Glue gun the shapes in a neat design on the wall or get some heavy-duty double-sided tape made especially for hanging things up on walls.
  4. Change it every season.

So make sure to put wall art on your to-do list. Don’t allow these options to limit you! Stretch your imagination as far as you can and enjoy your wall decor.

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Preeti Shah is a person who loves checking out different styles and designs of houses. She took interior designing in college and is practicing in the field of home improvement for five years now. In her spare time, she is usually searching the web for interesting and fascinating home designs.


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