The Difference Between Plastwood And Acrylic Sheets


Acrylic Vs Plastwood Sheets


Architectural projects and interior designs are transcending to the new era as both disciplines progress, and the materials compete with their own outstanding qualities to display. Different products flood the market, so selecting which one to use may be confusing. To choose the best material for your project, Plastwood sheets in Bangkok will provide you with the best options.

Plastwood sheets and acrylic sheets are both economical options to choose from for modern architectural designs. These two may serve the same purpose in projects, but their differences could tell which suits them best.

Acrylic sheet is a glass-like plastic material exhibiting durability that outstands glass. This transparent thermoplastic homopolymer is also known as plexiglass.

On the other hand, Plastwood sheet is a material designed to replace wood while carrying qualities far better than wood. This is made from high-quality plastic or unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, also known as uPVC, or let us simply say, a durable plastic version of wood.


It is true that both materials are dependable on interior designs and are aesthetically appealing, but their qualities should be considered for specific projects.

Plastwood sheets exhibit qualities that could replace woods in your projects. This material is intentionally engineered to outstand the features of real wood, and these are as follows:

  • Waterproof – this is not the typical wood material that absorbs water and needs treatment to be fully resistant to water.
  • Heat resistant – this has a high tolerance to heat and does not conduct heat easily, making it more suitable for indoors and outdoors for thermal insulation.
  • Soundproof – the minute structure of plastwood sheets limits noise transmission, making it a silent material. This feature makes it very suitable for use in our rooms and offices.
  • Lightweight – plastwood sheet is made from high-quality plastic material, making it weigh less compared to wood without sacrificing its durability.
  • Durable – this material is strong and can withstand blows just as much as wood.
  • It does not rot – just as it is made with high-quality plastic, it does not rot even if exposed to harsh climate and weather conditions.
  • It does not swell – it does not absorb water and is heat resistant making it less likely to expand.
  • Do not burn – the engineering of this material is specially designed to withstand fire.
  • Not susceptible to termite and insect attacks – unlike regular woods that have to be treated to protect insects, fungi, molds, and destructive termites, plastwood sheets are safe from these kinds of attacks.
  • Smooth – compared to wood, this is readily available with a smooth surface.
  • Pliable – this material is strong, durable, and pliable; it can be bent and curled, drilled, and stenciled, maintaining its aesthetic appearance beautifully.
  • Industrially friendly – the material can be easily shaped and bent, making it easy to install.
  • Aesthetically appealing – the colors of this material can be painted or printed with desired designs.
  • Resistant to chemicals – it has the property to withstand corrosion and different humidity.

While acrylic sheets have been known earlier than plastwoods, their properties have been trivial to most industries. Acrylic sheets have been used in different architecture, interior designs, signboards, billboards, and even smaller projects in offices and plaques. Acrylic sheets properties are as follows:

  • Less expensive – acrylic sheets are cheaper than the price of glass.
  • Durable – this material is more durable than glass. In comparison to glass, it is statistically thirty times stronger than glass. It is less like to break from a blunt force as it is made of polymer material.
  • Versatility – more pliable than that of glass and is more likely to be bent and shaped with heat.
  • Lightweight – acrylic sheets are lighter than glass. Statistically, it weighs just half of a glass.
  • Waterproof – this material is also waterproof making it suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Does not rot – this material does not rot and can also withstand extreme weathering.
  • It does not swell – acrylic sheets are less like to expand under hot weather.
  • Smooth–acrylic sheets are comparable to glass; thus, it is smooth and lustrous. However, it is more prone to scratching than real glass.
  • Not susceptible to insect attacks – just like glass, it is not vulnerable to molds, fungi, or any insect attacks.
  • Safer than glass – it is not as brittle as a mirror; when processed, it is less likely to cut the handler but still does not ensure a zero possibility. In case broken into pieces, it does not shatter like glass.
  • Translucent – as it is transparent like glass, it allows light to pass through. There are also variants of acrylic sheets with colors available in the market, and they may also vary in opacity.

Application Of Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic sheets and Plastwood sheets are both powerful innovations in interior design and architectural industries. However, their qualities should be considered wisely before using them in projects.

Acrylic sheet is most likely used in architectural glazing and skylights as its weight is very much recommended for this purpose.

With its transparency, luster, and pliability considered, acrylic sheets can be used best for pop displays, brochure holders in exhibits, and as shelves and fixtures as well. This material can also be used for transportation as it allows us to see what is inside and is very durable.

For business establishments and some fancy places, acrylic sheets can also improve the ambiance. Some industries use this material for signages indoors and outdoors accompanied by lights. Its transparency, translucence, and durability against weathering work together for projects like this.

Application Of Plastwood Sheets

Plastwood sheet is specially engineered to outstand the features of woods. With all the aforementioned qualities of this material, plastwood sheets cover more applicability in infrastructural and interior designs. Anything that wood could do plastwood sheets can do better.

With the durability and versatility of plastwood sheets, this material can be used for interior decorations, walls, and separations of rooms and is a good furniture material. Its designs vary, which we could select from the distributor’s brochures, and can even be painted with custom styles. Moreover, its high resistance to heat and extreme weathering make this material suitable for outdoor uses.

Plastwood sheets’ versatility extends from your outdoor projects to your living room to your furniture and fixtures. Anything around you that utilizes wood might be improved with plastwood sheets.


With both materials making good names on the market, there is no superiority or inferiority between the two materials as their qualities are factors to be considered for applicability in different projects.

If you are looking for materials that may substitute the glass, it is highly recommended to consider acrylic sheets. Just make sure that you have considered its specifications before putting it into projects.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a material that could substitute or work better than woods, it is highly recommended to check for plastwood sheets. Better consider the qualities above to choose from the variants of plastwood materials available on the market which may work best on your project.

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