The Difference Between Residential And Commercial Power Washing Services


Power Washing Services

Before you hire a company for the services you require, it is important to know the rundown of what they have to offer. For example, if you were to hire a power washing company for your home but later came to realize that they don’t even offer residential power washing services, it could not only get a little embarrassing but will also turn out to be a waste of time. But the question might pop in mind, “What even is the difference between a commercial and a residential service? Does it matter all that much?”

Generally speaking, residential and commercial services don’t hold as many differences as you’d think. However, there are enough for them to be considered two different types of services. The major differences include:

  • Timings: The biggest point of distinction between residential and commercial power washing services would be that of the timing. If a commercial booking has been made, the services need to be carried out either on the weekend or during night time. However, residential services are generally offered during day time and depend on the customer’s choices and circumstances.
  • Expectations of service: Needless to say, a higher profile of professionalism is expected in a commercial clean up. For example, the service will be expected to live up to the contract that has been offered. However, residential cleaning services are more specific and need to be catered according to the detail. Since residential cleaning services don’t function on a particular schedule, they tend to pay more to detail and work to make the most out of the service they’ve hired. On the other hand, commercial services are simply expected to finish within the expected time frame.
  • Pricing: The pricing methodology for commercial and residential services tend to be completely different. Residential services need a simple payment plan that allows them to understand the cost of everything involved, aka the equipment, and the parts of the house that need to be cleaned. Although you can ask for a payment breakdown, it’s not necessarily very common. However, commercial payment plans tend to be much more complicated. Commercial services require the minimal involvement of a contract that binds the services to the company, legally. The cleaning specifications are listed out, and insurance policies are involved with the help of the agreement as well
  • Protective gear: There’s a huge amount of difference between the kind of protective gear that will be used for residential service and one that will be used for commercial service. Since residential cleanups don’t need high rise window cleaning, they are not necessarily a threat to the life of the individual that’s performing the services. However, commercial services tend to require a lot of different forms of equipment and protective gear because of the involvement of a lot of different insurance policies as well. Commercial services are performed on thin lines, and the company providing the service needs to be extremely careful and precise throughout the process.

If you’re looking for either commercial or residential services of power washing in Leland, NC, you can reach out to the professionals at Top Gun Pressure Washing for more details. As some of the most reputed power washing services on the block, you needn’t worry about any inconvenience while working with them. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for commercial services or residential services, if you end up hiring a company that does not function professionally, there’s no point in you having done your research. Hire the right company and perform the right cleanup, all at once.

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