The Different Types Of BBQ’s From Gas To Hybrid


Types Of BBQ’s

The first step to a good barbecue is choosing the right type of BBQ. From a gas BBQ to hybrid and portable options, there are plenty of choices available to you, which can make the decision a difficult one.

You may think you have two choices, gas and charcoal, but there are other options out there to consider, including electric, pellet, and kamado.

The type of BBQ you opt for can alter the final taste of your food, so it’s essential to think about your ideal outcome before making your purchase.


A gas BBQ is usually the most popular and most common type of barbecue. They’re convenient for beginners due to the cooking temperature control allowing users to adjust the knobs. In addition, you’re less likely to burn your burgers that way (win, win).

There’s also no messy business with charcoal, making for an easy barbecue experience. It also heats up quickly to make for a quick barbecue experience.

Charcoal BBQ

A charcoal barbecue is perfect for those who want a traditional barbecue experience. Not only does it give off that authentic smoky flavor, which can be enhanced even further with a smoker box, but it is also very easy to use, making it great for beginners.

With a charcoal BBQ, you’re able to adjust the air intake as well as the exhaust. This means when the temperature has stabilized, it should remain at the same temperature throughout the cooking process. This is likely to result in better, charred outside and moist inside.

Hybrid BBQ

Perfect for when you can’t decide between a charcoal and gas BBQ, the hybrid seamlessly blends the advantages of both. Get that distinctive charcoal flavor alongside the control of the gas BBQ.


If you’re traveling, camping, or will be in the outdoors; a portable BBQ is the perfect accompaniment. From being compact to an easy to clean option that is quick to assemble, it offers the perfect way to enjoy tasty food hassle-free. Scrap the packaged food and cook what your heart desires even when away from your trusted kitchen or outdoor BBQ.

Kamado Grills

Kamado grills are well-known grills or also known as ceramic smokers. These are more sophisticated than the usual charcoal grill but are growing in popularity.

They are heavier than a usual grill, made from thick ceramic, and resemble the shape of an egg, hence the nickname egg grill.

This type of grill is sensitive to temperature changes, with even the slightest adjustment on the grill making quite a significant change in the temperature. It’s also very thick, meaning it can take up to 45 minutes to pre-heat, so it’s not for those who like to cook quickly.

However, they are very versatile and can be used to cook anything from a pizza to cheesecake.

Pellet Grills

A pellet grill can work as a grill as well as a smoker to add extra flavor. It uses electricity and wood pellets to add authentic flavor, but they can be expensive.

This is the perfect upgrade for barbecue enthusiasts looking to improve their BBQ experience. Switch from a traditional BBQ to a pellet smoker BBQ to wow your guests. The natural wood pellets will help enhance the smokiness of your dishes. You can even make a full roast dinner, including the veg, on this type of grill also, cook pizza, and more – the opportunities are endless.

Electric Grills

For situations where an outdoor grill isn’t available, electric grills can be plugged in for your convenience. However, electric grills won’t offer that chargrilled, authentic flavour that a traditional BBQ will so if that’s what you’re after, avoid this type of grill.

Choosing The Right BBQ

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the different types of barbecues and which is best suited to you. So whether you want a BBQ to invite friends and family over at the weekend, or you’re looking for a trusted BBQ to take camping, you have a better understanding of your options.

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