The Disadvantages Of Wood Windows


The tossup between choosing wood or vinyl windows for your home can sometimes seem like the choice between beauty and function.

One of the primary selling points of wood windows is their aesthetic appeal. If properly maintained, wood will undoubtedly add a touch elegance and natural beauty to a home.

Wood windows are also high at inhibiting the transmission of cold and heat from the outdoors which means that they’ll serve well to keep your home fresh in the summer and warm in the fall and winter. They can also contribute to the value of a house, as they tend to catch the attention of prospective buyers.

However, wood windows come with several significant drawbacks. Wood needs consistent upkeep, without which the frames will inevitably swell from moisture, making the windows difficult or impossible to open and close. Left untreated for long, wood will rot, diminishing both their aesthetic and energy-saving advantages.

Wood also has a sworn natural enemy: insects, especially termites, which are a costly and irritating problem for any homeowner.

Finally, if budget is a concern, you should be aware that the initial cost of wood windows can amount to twice that of vinyl. Added to that is the annual price of painting and refinishing that is required for organic material.

Today homeowners are no longer stuck with a strict choice between wood or vinyl for windows. Some manufacturers — such as Casa Bella Windows & Doors —provide a third alternative. These newly designed frames have a rich wood finish on the interior side, including options like Oak, Pine, Cherry, Mahogany, and Walnut. The exterior side made from a durable extruded vinyl, which is weather resistant and requires very little maintenance. The exterior vinyl also comes in a white, driftwood or sandalwood finish. These windows will not swell or warp like regular wooden frames and do not need to be refinished or painted. This option allows your windows to have the aesthetic appeal of wood with superior durability and convenience of vinyl frames.

The number of wood windows sold has dropped significantly with each passing year. As recently as 25 years ago they accounted for nearly 50% of all windows sold, while the number today is less than 20% of all windows sold. There is no doubt due to the relatively higher cost and required upkeep of wooden shutters.

Still, it is doubtful that wooden windows will ever go out of style. For some homeowners, the warmth and beauty of wood cannot be matched by other contemporary materials.

The natural beauty of wood can contribute significantly to the warm atmosphere of traditional or colonial-style homes. When considering the best material for your windows, it is essential to take into account the cost-effectiveness, longevity, and functionality of the available options, as well as their aesthetic appeal.

Luckily, today some manufacturers have provided alternatives that allow homeowners not to have to sacrifice timeless beauty for high functionality. Advances in manufacturing have created new options that allow homeowners the best of both worlds.

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