The Easiest Way To Clean A Bean Bag


Bean Bag Cleaning

Whether using it to lounge in front of the television or as a casual reading nook in your bedroom, a bean bag has multiple uses that are sure to delight all. However, one downside to frequently using a bean bag is that it would inevitably get dirty.

Never fear. However, a dirty bean bag does not have to be a setback to your relaxation. You are a hundred percent capable of dealing with any stains or dirt residues on your bean bag, especially if you understand the type of bean bag you have. Here is a quick guide to help make your cleaning job more convenient and efficient.

What Is A Bean Bag?

Just as its name suggests, a bean bag is a big pouch-like bag that contains bits of foam, dried beans, or even PVC pellets to form its distinctly round structure. The bag is either made from leather or strong cloth material and comes in various colors and shapes.

Things To Consider Before Cleaning A Bean Bag

As mentioned before, to have an efficient cleaning of your precious bean bag, it is a good idea to evaluate the following things before you take any steps. Having a plan can help make your job much easier.

  • Type Of Material: you should understand the kind of material your bean bag is made up of. Leather bean bags can effectively be wiped with a damp cloth and left to dry. However, bean bags made of cloth materials, suede, corduroy, or even fur are significantly more complicated to clean.
  • Kind Of Stain: if your bean bags have been subject to frequent use, the chances are that they might have acquired a couple of stubborn stains over time. Food stains, especially those with some oil, are harder to get rid of, while dirt stains can be wiped off faster.

Ways To Clean A Bean Bag

As you have noticed, the ideal way to clean a bean bag depends primarily on the kind of material that your bean bag is made up of and the staining it has received over time. Here are some of the easiest and most common methods on how to clean a bean bag.

  • Wipe It Down: if you have a bean bag made of slippery material such as leather, all you need to do is dip a cloth in warm water and give the bean bag a thorough wipe down. Some people even suggest using disinfecting fluid for the ultimate clean.
  • Soapy Scrub: bean bags made of cloth materials usually need to be scrubbed well to get cleaned. Mix some detergent in a bowl of warm water, then dip a cloth in the mixture. Squeeze out excess water, then scrub out the stubborn spots.

Make sure you dry the bean bag in the sun to ensure the material inside the bean bag doesn’t get ruined.

Remember not to use hard materials such as toothbrushes to clean materials like suede or fur to prevent damage.


Knowing exactly how to clean a bean bag effectively is a great skill to have, as it not just saves you from getting it cleaned professionally but also ensures that your beloved bean bag always stays in minty clean condition, ready for the next round of use.

The methods to clean a bean bag depend largely upon the bean bag’s fabric and the nature of any spots or stains. Once you understand the type of bean bag and the nature of its dirty condition, your cleaning job will be much easier and more focused. I hope this helps!

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