The Easiest Ways To Refinish Hardwood Floors


Refinish Hardwood Floors

In your rental property, the hardwood flooring is subject to scratching. It’s likely that after a few years of tenants, your once-sparkling floors are far from spotless and could definitely use a touch-up due to tenant turnover (moving furniture), normal wear and tear, and the presence of dogs.

The majority of property owners think that in order to give their floors that brand-new lustre, they must sand, restain, and reseal them. To avoid the mess, time, and money of removing your current finish, it is simple to do some easy floor restoration works in a single day if the wear is primarily surface-level (typical wear, scratches in the finish, and just a few deeper scratches that gouge the wood itself).

Have Your Wood Floors Become As Dull As Dirt?

It goes without saying that dust and dirt make the flooring appear drab. You might be shocked to hear that both, when traced, leave behind microscopic dings on the surface. Fortunately, filthy wood floors that have lost their lustre can sometimes be easily restored.

Restoring A Current Hardwood Floor

As you might anticipate, the first step in sanding and finishing an existing floor is to sand it until the surface is as raw wood, devoid of any prior stains or finishes. In a day, approximately 500–600 feet can be covered. The floor will then receive two coats of polyurethane and one application of sealant. There is a 12-hour dry period on the final day of the project. A three-day project implies you can return on day four.

  • New Floor Installation

Installing a new hardwood floor in your home requires a lot more work. Cut and position the boards. This means that the project’s duration may be influenced by the room’s arrangement. Cutting requires more minor compromises. A difference is also made by the board’s breadth. As opposed to broader planks, skinny boards require a greater number of cuts and lays. Typically, for every 200 feet of flooring, an installation might take up to a day. Afterward, the sealant needs time to dry.

  • Prefinished Floor Covering

A quicker installation alternative exists. Without the need for drying time, a 400-foot prefinished floor may be laid in two days.

3 Methods To Refinish Wood Floors Without Sanding

It’s critical to understand the materials at hand. Especially if you are not the original owner, this is crucial. You should make sure you pick the greatest and most efficient technique when refinishing your floors because different floor materials or treatments will affect how you are able to do so.

  • Use a chemical abrasion kit that you can buy
  • Do floor refinishing with polyurethane and buffing
  • Activate a revitalizer


Don’t overlook the preparation when planning a project.

  • The flooring that will be replaced or refinished requires the removal of all furniture.
  • Remove all carpeting, including staples and tack strips. A smooth surface should be present on the subfloor.
  • Eliminate any flooring made of vinyl or linoleum.

Final Thoughts

Both homeowners who want to get their hands dirty and those who would prefer to leave the preparation to the experts have options available to them. But if you still decide that it is difficult for you, there is always the possibility to hire good professionals.

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  1. I find it fascinating that refinishing your property can give your floor a definite appearance that can wow your guests upon their visit. My brother talked about his plans to move into the countryside and start a family there. I think having someone install hardwood as his home’s flooring option is a good idea.

  2. This article is really helpful to those who are in the process of refinishing hardwoods. Thank you for these tips.


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