The Environmental Benefits Of Upholstery



Sustainability and the impact we have on the environment has been continuously discussed for many years now and for a good reason too. Many people are becoming more and more concerned about the planet they are going to leave behind for their children. But, it’s becoming more and more apparent that some of our habits are causing unrepairable damage to the earth. And, one of these habits is buying poorly manufactured furniture and then throwing it out after only getting a few years out of it. However, the best way to tackle this issue is by reupholstering your old furniture instead. Reupholstering is a brilliant way of putting a unique modern spin on your old furniture that will last you for many more years to come. You need many tools to reupholster your furniture either, all it takes to complete the simplest of tasks is an upholstery gun, stapler or tack hammer, needle-nose pliers, rubber mallet and a pair of straight blade sewing scissors. So, if you have thought about throwing out some old furniture, then today we are going to explain the environmental benefits of reupholstering it instead.

  1. Reduced Global Warming Impact

In case you didn’t know, throwing out furniture contributes a lot to the warming of our planet. There are only two places that furniture ends up: landfill or an incinerator. The latter causes an adverse effect as greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere during the process. The greenhouse gases that are released during the incineration process aren’t just bad for the environment; they’re also really bad for our health.

  1. It Saves the Trees

It can be more cost-effective to reupholster furniture than to completely replace it, especially if you have good quality furniture. Most of the furniture is likely solid and only needs some minor upkeep to wood areas to keep it looking fresh and modern. The upholstery takes the brunt of the workload and is the element that most often looks worn. This means that less wood would be required to make new furniture which saves our trees.

  1. Less Rubbish On Our Streets

It is a fact that most sofas and chairs are big pieces of furniture. Well, have you ever wondered where your furniture goes once you throw it out? Once it’s disposed of, it doesn’t just disappear into thin air. By choosing to reupholster your furniture instead, you can save your neighbours and passing public from the unpleasant view of your sofa on the street and reduce the amount of rubbish ending up on a landfill site.

  1. Lower Energy Used

If you choose to reupholster your furniture at home, then you are going to use far less energy than a manufacturer would when making a new piece of furniture. You could also use environmentally friendly fabric. The majority of non-organic fabrics contain remnants of pesticides and chemicals from the plants used to grow and manufacture it. By choosing environmentally friendly fabric means that they will not have an adverse effect on the planet. When it comes to eco-fabrics, all of the options have their upsides and downsides. So, you should consider which one(s) would likely work best and make your decision based on the style of your furniture and what you envisage the outcome to be.

  1. Get Reupholstering Today!

The environmental benefits that come from reupholstering are very hard just to pass off. If you are still not convinced that taking on a DIY project like this at home is for you, then consider the fact that you get a customised piece of furniture out of the process. You can also save a significant amount of money by choosing to reupholster which you could use on something else like treating yourself to a holiday. Reupholstery is also popular because it is an easy way to get a fresh look in your home. You can change the upholstery on furniture and give a room a completely different feel with far less expense than would be involved with buying new furniture.


  1. My grandma gave my sister her old sofa, but it’s quite old already, which is why she’s thinking of having it upholstered. Well, I agree with you that this method is more eco-friendly since there will be less furniture in the landfill. Thank you for also sharing here the advantage of using environmentally friendly fabric.


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