The Essentials of Windows and Doors Maintenance

On December 1, 2014 by Sanju Kmr

Windows and Doors Maintenance

Windows and doors were not built to last forever, but their life length depends on how they are being maintained. The key to prolonging their life is determining the smallest issues and fixing them right away. However, aside from meticulous eyes, there are also some materials needed on the process of taking care of them. Here are the important tools and equipments on preserving your windows and doors.

Washer, squeegees and brushes

Although it is recommended to check on your window and doors functions once a year, washing and cleaning them must be done more often. Washers are the ones responsible for scrubbing and cleaning the plane glass of windows and doors. The squeegees which are also called the dryers are the things used to dry them up. There are different kinds of washers too, some are made of microfibers and others are made of abrasive pads to take off stubborn build ups and molds. On the other hand, rushes are used to take off dust and dirt on the corners where washers can’t access.

Concentrated cleaners

Concentrated cleaners works better with washer and squeegees than with soap and water alone. They are specially formulated liquids to remove stains, spots and thick deposits. They make the glass part of windows and doors clear and clean in appearance.  Some of these products are formulated with anti-bacterial agents to kill unpleasant microorganisms and prevent the formations of molds and mildews.

Window and door seals

Sometimes, due to extreme weather conditions the window and doors’ seals start to wear off. This condition may totally damage the entire structure and may cause for early replacement. However, once they are maintained and checked regularly, they could be replaced within the onset of the problem. Changing the seals as early as possible can save the window and protect it from further damages.

Waterproofing wood protector

To avoid water penetration on doors and windows wood frame, there is a need of waterproofing them. This must be done in regular basis to avoid the waterproof compound from wearing off. Once the wood frames are properly maintained then the water will not be able to penetrate, therefore, the life of service of will be lengthened.

Graphite powder

This is important especially for door locks. Overtime, locks begin to be a bit sticky and hard to operate. With proper maintenance, this problem shall be eliminated with the help of graphite powders. This product is applied on the door or window lock to prevent and resolve the usual lock problems.


Regular maintenance of hinges is also a must. They must be regularly applied with oil products to keep the windows and doors swinging smoothly. Neglecting them can cause rust that may further damage the door and cause tough stains.


Vacuums are used to suck up loose dirt and dust. This is to prevent them from being moisturized. Once the dirt and dust are moistened they become hard and sticky and will sink into the small openings. They are needed to be removed right away to prevent further staining.

Make sure to have all these items in your home so you can properly maintain your windows and doors.

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