The Evolution Of Nebulizer Diffuser


Nebulizer Diffuser

Not so long ago, when oil diffusers hit the market, the obvious question people asked was whether it affects one’s health, especially to the ones who are prone to allergic diseases. To add insult to injury, there were also some cases reported of lashes appearing on its users’ skin. It appeared as the need of the hour to the fragrance industry to find a solution to this problem, and they answered it with the invention of nebulizer diffuser, which proved to have no or little health problems. It not only made your home, office, and car smell great, but also gives great coverage area and lasts long. Though there are various ways to scent your room with aromas, a nebulizer diffuser would be a good buy if you want to avoid the hassles of incense sticks that fills your room with smoke or the ordinary smell dispensers which can create some health issues. Nowadays, nebulizer diffusers are widely popular amongst the upper and middle classes of modern society because it hardly affects your health in any way.

  1. Overall Wellness And Scent

Nebulizer Diffuser

Well, no studies depict a direct connection between your wellness and fragrance. However, pleasant natural aromas do play a part in our mental health, and some sweet smell improves our mood and helps us to be stress less to a great extent. Historically, there has been a demand for fragrance oils and aromatic scents in various cultures such as Arabic, Chinese, and Indian. Some traditional ways of scenting your room are fabric sprays, air fresheners, ordinary oil diffusers, wax melts, and incense sticks or corns.

  1. Components Of A Nebulizer Diffuser

Nebulizer Diffuser

A typical nebulizer diffuser has the following components: a glass reservoir, a glass cap, two microtubes (one for the pressurized airflow and the other for essential oil uptake), a circuit board, an air pump, a silencing foam, a power input, and a touch-sensor light switch.

  1. How Does A Nebulizer Diffuser Work

Nebulizer Diffuser

Firstly, an air current is pumped through a small tube, which results in the increase of velocity in that direction and decrease in the pressure at the exit point. Consequently, a suction is created, and the essential oil will rise upwards within the glass tube. As it happens, the pressurized air hits the oil and convert it into micro-particles that occupy the glass reservoir. These microparticles emit out of the glass cap in a mist that contains no water vapor and fragrance your room instantly. The remaining microparticles are pushed to the diffuser resulting in the process of the cycle until the essential oil is used completely.

  1. Benefits Of Using Nebulizer Diffuser

Nebulizer Diffuser

This process requires no water at all, and the essential oil is utilized fully. Hence it will not accumulate any moisture in the room. Most models of nebulizer diffusers can fragrance a room of thousand square feet. No worries of excessive burning of oils as you can set a timer. To add to this, the result is immediate as an when the nebulizer starts to work.

Since these diffusers work only on the pure essential oil, it creates no health problems and can be used by people even with acute asthma and other allergic diseases.

  • Things To Consider Before Buying One

A nebulizer diffuser comes with many designs and sizes. Consider the coverage area before spending the money as it has a different reach depending upon the manufacturer and usage. Needless to say that you wouldn’t want to buy a 1000 square feet nebulizer diffuser for your small office cabin. Also, pick a diffuser that is user-friendly as some have a narrow reservoir, so you should be attentive while filling the oil. Also, consider your budget as it is a slightly expensive option when compared to other ways to scent your room. The price also varies according to the run time to complete the essential oil in the reservoir.

  • Things To Consider When Using Nebulizer Diffuser

Do not use carrier oil nor add water to the reservoir when using a nebulizer diffuser. Make sure to clean the diffuser regularly. Read the user’s manual carefully to understand the amp outlet as many diffusers cannot be plugged into the normal wall socket. Also, most nebulizer diffusers are made of glass and hence fragile. Add only the prescribed amount of essential oil, as mentioned by the manufacturer. These diffusers can drink up the essential oil pretty fast, and therefore, you should have an eye on the timer. Above all, use quality essential oil and do regular cleaning for its longevity.

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