The ‘Forever’ Interior Design Ideas


Interior Design Ideas

“There are two things that make a room timeless: a sense of history and a piece of the future.” – CHARLOTTE MOSS.

Be it in fashion, technology, or cultures – change is the only constant thing. New developments are a part of every industry; however, few ideas and concepts always remain evergreen, just like the polka dots in the fashion industry. The prime reasons that cause the evolution in the design are a shift in habits, cultures, and social influences.

The interior design industry has also seen a rapid transformation. Every few years, there is a new trend that sweeps away the old. However, once you have designed your home, it is not practical to keep changing it every year. Thus, take your time, understand the basic design principles, select pieces that have lived the test of time, to become eternal. By following these easy ideas, you will be able to design a home that reflects your taste and, once you have done that, it will never seem out of trend.

For all you lovely homemakers, who are planning to design their homes, here is a list of evergreen interior design ideas that have been the top choices of interior designers across generations.

  1. Set Up A Colour Theme

Theme-based designs can add a lot of drama to your home. However, if you have multiple rooms, then it might be challenging to maintain a theme that flows seamlessly. Thus, the easiest option to build a theme is through a color-based pattern that can run across your home. So, here are a few tips for creating a color-based thematic home.

  • Choose Pastel colors
  • Follow the 60:30:10 rule – a popularly used decor rule. As per this rule, the primary color should be 60%, the secondary color 30%, and 10% must be used to accentuate the space.
  • To further compliment the color theme – add decorative accessories, artwork, pillows, lamps, and fabrics to your home. The add-ons will help achieve a balance in decor and will further highlight the matching color theme.
  1. Go Asian

The Asian style of design has been in trend for ages. It has been an inspiring look created by natural elements like fibre, bamboo, and colors. This type of interior is mostly suited for bungalows and row houses. Further, Asian art can add a touch of elegance combined with the bliss of ancient culture to your home.

  1. Go Green

Bringing green friends can add a lot of charm to your homely atmosphere. For ages, this idea has been the favorite of all. It is cost-effective and easy to implement. Lily, jasmine, and ferns can be a good selection for your windowsill. If you have a large balcony, then you can also cultivate herbs in organic vegetables. Further, you can also add plants to your living room. The snake plant is the right choice for an indoor plant, as it cleanses the air inside your home.

  1. Illumination

The light experiments can work wonders and add magic to any dull space. Warm lights can add positivity to your home. You can even play with the intensity of lights and set them as the mood of the space. For instance, the living room reading corner where you would come back after a long day to relax should be lit up in dim gold, whereas the kitchen area must be brightly lit to enable you to notice every ingredient resting on the shelves.

  1. Blend The Contemporary And Conventional

A balance between the old and new can make your home unique and eternally trendy. Give your home a shade of your personality, add your memories to the cozy corners. There are few ways of demonstrating the unique combination; you can choose furniture styles that are not old-fashioned yet not too contemporary. Accessorize your home with antiques and decorative items. With all these elements coming together, your home will not only withstand the test of time but also reflect your personality.

The Bottom Line:

“Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you like is ever out of style.” – BILLY BALDWIN (A renowned interior designer)

We hope that these five ideas will help you create an eternally trendy home. However, do not forget to include a piece of your personality in these eternal design ideas.

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