The Hidden Benefits Of Keeping An Organized Home


Organized Home

When people discuss organizing their home, they tend to spotlight the aesthetic benefits. “The house will look better without all this stuff lying out in the open.” They might also cite some vague, persisting annoyance at the state of an unorganized home: “It’s hard to think with all this mess around.”

But what exactly drives people to want an organized home? Surely, it can’t just be aesthetics; there must be some other underlying impulses that cause people to crave organization.

As it turns out, organizing your domestic space carries several hidden benefits, and this post sets out to explore a few of those advantages.

Spring may have come and gone, but it isn’t too late to declutter, clean, and implement new organizational systems. With the help of home organizing companies that help you sort through belongings and create easy-to-follow ordering systems, you can enjoy the following benefits.

Stress Relief

Clutter is stressful. You don’t need a scientific explanation to verify that fact – most people know by feeling alone.

Still, some scientific context might be helpful here. The reason disorganization weighs so heavily on people’s stress signals has to do with the way the brain interacts with visual clutter. The more visual stimuli present in a space, the harder the brain works to process all the information. This overload of information translates to heightened stress.

Further, disorganization can negatively impact one’s self-image, engendering feelings of shame and helplessness. Between the overload of sensory information and the harmful effect of clutter on one’s self-image, disorganization can be a significant stressor.

Time And Money Savings

How much time have you spent looking for things that aren’t in their proper place? That time adds up. In an organized home, you start to reclaim that lost time. For instance, if you need a screwdriver or a spatula, an old gift receipt, or a copy of your marriage license, you know exactly where to look.

The organization also saves you money. How many times have you bought an item at the store only to realize, back at home, that you already own one? Part of getting organized is taking inventory of what you already own to save you from costly double-ups. But, that’s not all: Organizing can also save you money in other ways.

Homeowner Pride

One of the ways people express self-image and self-regard is through their homes. You want guests to see a neat, clean home designed to express your personal tastes. Let’s call it “homeowner pride.”

Keeping an organized house is a foundational step toward creating precisely the kind of home you imagined. Starting from a place of organization, you can decorate more easily.


Writing for Psychology Today, clinical psychologist Alice Boyes draws a direct link between decluttering and improved self-confidence. Decluttering, she says, allows people to exercise their decision-making and problem-solving skills. It also begets a sense of accomplishment. How many times have you placed things in their proper place, then stood back, marveled at the organized state of your home, and felt a swell of positive self-satisfaction? That’s self-confidence.

To recap, keeping an organized home is about more than surface looks. It’s an effective way to relieve stress, boost confidence, express homeowner pride and save precious time and money.

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