The House Of The Rising Star


Is there anyone who didn’t think about how would a perfect house look like? A perfect house is something that takes your breath away the first time you see it. It looks almost as if it was alive and able to lure you into getting in. It is ideal in every single aspect of it. Splendid design, right colors, and beautiful yard are just some of the features a perfect house has. It is yellow and impossible to miss. Not only this, but it is located in the east, so every morning, it shines even more once the sunbeams hit it.

Yellow, Yellow And Yellow

Yellow House Paint Ideas

We have already mentioned that the house is the color of gold, butter, and ripe lemons. It is simply not possible to imagine a perfect house in any other color. Just think of a foggy and rainy day with only this one thing shining and promising the sunlight soon. Vincent van Gogh used this exact color for buildings in his paintings. Het Gele Huis or The Yellow House is one of his most popular paintings. The yellow house in the painting is standing strong on a beautiful day, leaving the passers-by with no other option but to admire it.

Perfect Design

Perfect House Design

What makes our dream house, so ideal is its perfect design. Balconies and pillars are everywhere around the place, giving the house an even more classy look. Just imagine yourself sitting on a big beautiful balcony enjoying the sunrise every single morning. Classy furniture is all around the place, making it look comfortable and stylish. Tall, yellow pillars are supporting the whole building. There are at least three or four floors, and each of them is covered by elegant windows. The roof is just as classy as the whole house, and it looks even better when it is covered by a sunlight.

Beautiful Yard

Beautiful Yard Ideas

It is not only the house that looks great. Everything around it is perfect as well. There is a big yard everywhere around the house. The lawn is mown precisely, and there are a few trees that are properly trimmed. There is also a big garage attached to the house. The whole yard is surrounded by a brick fence. Both garage and fence are yellow as well, and they fit the image perfectly. This is something you can start if you intend to make your house look just like the one we are describing. Get yourself some yellow paint and change the color of your fence. For additional paint durability, you should opt for epoxy paints. Later on, you can paint the garage and the whole house as well. Mow your lawn, redo your balcony, and you are halfway closer to your dream house.

As you can see, the perfect house you were always thinking about is not so far away. All it takes is some effort and a lot of imagination, and your house can easily become just the one we described. Roll up your sleeves and start working on it. No matter how hard the work may be, it will pay off once you get the opportunity to enjoy the sunlight on your balcony. Yellow color everywhere around you, on a bright and beautiful day, will always improve your mood. Living in a perfect house, you ever imagined does not seem so impossible anymore!

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