The Importance Of HVAC Maintenance And Tips To Do It


HVAC Maintenance

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is an integral part of your home. It is used to ensure that you’re comfortable inside regardless of the weather conditions outside. Both residential and commercial structures benefit significantly from a well-maintained HVAC system because it provides thermal comfort to everyone inside the building. Haller Enterprises offers quality Residential & Commercial HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical & Refrigeration Services across Central & Eastern PA. Proudly serving since 1981.

HVAC repair in Dedham MA company Sinclaire Houses Services recommends homeowners to schedule regular maintenance for their units for better air quality. A properly maintained HVAC unit does not only keep a home cool or warm, but it also keeps your air clean.

Here are the advantages you gain when you take good care of your HVAC system:

  1. Less Energy Usage

Whether you hire experts like the team from Strikeforce HVAC or you to clean it yourself, keeping your HVAC system properly maintained ensures that it runs more efficiently. Dirty units consume a lot of energy because of all the dust and grime blocking the machine’s parts and passageways. This places more stress on the components of your heater or air conditioner than when there are no obstructions in the tubes.

  1. Lower Utility Costs

Because your HVAC system would consume less energy when well cared for, your electric bill will end up lower than when you let the machine go for months on end without cleaning. You also save on heating and cooling costs because you no longer need to buy more fans or heating machines to your system because your HVAC system covers your insulation needs.

  1. Better Air Quality

Unmaintained machines serve as a place for mold and bacteria to thrive and as a source of air pollutants, which are harmful to your health. You and your family’s health won’t suffer from health-related problems caused by a dirty HVAC system, such as asthma, eye and skin irritation, and other disorders when you maintain your HVAC system regularly. Cleaning your air conditioning system will clear its filters and coils from dust particles, providing everyone that comes inside your home with fresh and clean air.

  1. Longer System Life

Taking good care of your HVAC system puts less stress on its components. Thus, the machine can continue to provide heating and cooling to your home for many years to come. With proper maintenance, your unit can last for more than a decade, during which you have already gotten your money’s worth on the substantial amount you paid for the purchase and installation of the system.

  1. Lesser Need for Repairs

While maintaining your HVAC system may not eliminate emergency repairs, taking care of the machine can lessen the need to call the repairman because of major technical issues. Having the unit cleaned regularly allows you or a professional to detect early signs of problems such as loose screws and internal leaks. HVAC technicians can easily fix and prevent significant damage in the future.

There are plenty of benefits to be gained from properly caring for your HVAC system. Here are year-round HVAC maintenance tips that can help you preserve the efficiency of your unit:

Maintenance For Spring And Summer

HVAC Maintenance

  • Install New Filters – Putting a new filter on is the easiest thing you can do for your HVAC system, but it has a significant impact on the machine’s efficiency by reducing energy usage.
  • Clean the Drainage Holes – Drainage holes are typically found underneath the evaporator fins of air conditioners. Remove dust and grime that may be obstructing the hole by using a paper clip or wire.
  • Inspect the Thermostat – Examine your thermostat if it still displays the right temperature. A malfunctioning one will affect the quality of air inside the room. If you want, you can also install a smart thermostat that enables you to modify temperatures through an app on your smartphone.
  • Cover Duct Cracks – Small fractures in the ductwork of your HVAC system can cause air leaks and will lead to more energy consumption. Check the ducts for holes, cracks, and dislocations.

Maintenance For Fall And Winter

HVAC System Maintenance

  • Check Your Attic – Assess the insulation of your attic because this affects how much energy your HVAC system will expand. If your attic traps in warm air, your heater won’t have to work as much to keep your home warm.
  • Vacuum the Heat Exchanger – Have a professional clean the heat exchanger through brushing and vacuuming. A trained maintenance specialist will also search for cracks to prevent carbon monoxide from leaking into your home.
  • Lubricate the Blower Motor – Bust out your heater’s user manual to check if it’s the kind that needs to be oiled. If it is, turn it off and lubricate the bearings to make sure that they run smoothly during the cold months.
  • Inspect Your Chimney – There may be small animals lurking inside your chimney. Have a professional inspect it and check for carbon buildup.


Properly caring for your HVAC system will ensure your comfort in your home. You get to enjoy the hot and cold months because the temperature inside your home is optimal all year round. Meanwhile, you don’t have to worry about high electric bills because a well-maintained system uses less energy and electricity.

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  1. I had no idea that having your HVAC unit regularly maintained can prevent unwanted breakdowns and prolong its lifespan. My friend recently bought an HVAC unit for his new home, and he’s looking for advice on how to take care of it. We should probably look for an expert who can take care of this for him so that he won’t need to worry about making a mistake.


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