The Importance Of Regular Furnace Maintenance


Furnace Maintenance

Today’s modern HVAC systems are energy efficient, but they still need regular HVAC service to have a long, efficient life. Many manufacturers will void a warranty without proof of regular maintenance. An advantage of having your furnace regularly checked is that potential, serious problems can be discovered early and be simply repaired before they progress into big problems, or you have to have an expensive furnace replacement.

Regular checks also maintain the efficiency of your furnace, which will keep your energy costs down.

Some of the things checked during a maintenance service include:

  • The safety of the furnace – if there are any problems with the combustion process inside the machine and a carbon monoxide leak occurs, this is extremely serious for you and your family and can be fatal.
  • Cleaning and inspecting the furnace will help extend the life of the furnace and keep it working energy efficiently.
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