The Importance Of Screen Doors & Why You Should Consider Them Essential


Screen Doors

You may have seen houses on television with screen doors, be considering fitting one, or perhaps have just bought a house with one. You’ll want to know why screen doors are important and whether you should have one fitted.

In fact, screen doors serve several purposes and are a valuable addition to any home.

Protection From Pests

You’ve probably heard of flyscreen doors and assume these prevent flies from entering your home. They do. Flyscreen doors have mainly meshed panels with a solid frame. The idea is that flying insect, and even ground-based pests won’t be able to get into your home. Now, if you want to buy security screens for your homes, then visit Starline Security. You can find wholesale security screens for doors and windows here.

There is little more annoying than enjoying a glass of wine and having several flies buzzing around you or a mosquito having a nibble on your neck. The screen door keeps these pests out.


A screen door keeps pests out but allows air in. This is important during the hotter months when you want fresh air to move around your house. It can help to control the temperature and keep your house feeling fresh.

The summer is when you’re most likely to have an issue with pests, hence why the screen door is so valuable.


Screen doors also allow the maximum amount of light into your home, ensuring your home feels brighter, more spacious, and even warmer. Again, simply having the door open in the warmer months isn’t an option if you want to keep the pests and flies at bay.

The mesh approach allows the light to pour through your screen door, helping to keep your spirits up.

Weather Protection

There are two main types of screen doors, the flyscreen version that offers protection from pests and increases ventilation, and the storm screen door adds protection against storms.

However, both types of screen doors offer an extra layer of protection against the weather. They are both designed to be a snug fit, reducing the amount of wind and rain that can get to your main door. This reduces energy loss and the entry of cold air. It can also protect your door from damage by the weather.

Color Choices

Screen doors come in a wide variety of colors, allowing you to choose the one that matches your home. This is also a great way to brighten up your door and even your windows without having to repaint your home.

The choice of colors for screen doors is virtually limitless. You can even repaint them to change the color according to your latest décor designs in many cases. That makes them a cost-effective addition to your design plans.

It should be noted that while storm screen doors can add an extra layer of security to your home, the same is not true of flyscreen doors. The mesh can be easily cut, limiting its use as a security improvement.

If you’re still not sure, speak to people with screen doors, and you’ll be surprised by how many wouldn’t dream of getting rid of them.

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