The Importance Of Site Work: What Happens Before Building Begins


You may not realize, but a lot of preparation goes into any construction project before the building process even begins.

In fact, if your construction company fails to prep the construction site properly before building, you could end up with a faulty foundation, poor craftsmanship, and several environmental issues.

Today, we will look at what site work is related to your construction project and explain why this work is so crucial to the overall success of your new building.

What Is Site Work?

Site Work

According to Houston site work construction, site work describes what happens to the land before an actual building is constructed on that land. In fact, site work is everything that happens before any concrete is poured.

Site work is performed to ensure that your building is safe, stable, and properly constructed. It also ensures the surrounding area is stable enough to handle the weight of your building without any foundational issues.

What Is Involved In Site Work?

Depending on your construction needs, site work involves several preparations, all of which are determined before any building construction begins.

Lease Management

Lease management is also an important part of the construction process. However, if you are currently managing your leases manually, you might want to upgrade this process by switching to an automated lease management solution. Essentially, if keeping on top of lease data, accounting tasks, and management responsibilities is slowing down progress, outsourcing could be the right option for you. Ultimately, whether you choose to outsource your lease management with LeaseAccelerator or with a similar service provider, ensuring your leases meet all necessary compliance criteria has never been easier.

  1. Clearing And Grubbing

Clearing And Grubbing

This preparation involves removing all-natural vegetation such as trees, shrubs, bushes, and plants, which is the clearing process. From there, using specialized rakes and blades, all buried limbs and roots are removed, making room for the foundation of your building. This is the grubbing process.

Clearing and grubbing is an effort to make room for your construction project. In addition, it may involve certain environmental and regulatory considerations to help preserve the land and.

  1. Subgrade Stabilization

Subgrade Stabilization

Making sure the soil beneath the topsoil that your building will be resting on will not cave in or slide involves subgrade stabilization. If not performed correctly, your building’s foundation becomes vulnerable to cracking as the soil beneath it begins to shift. As a result, you may also experience serious structural damage.

  1. Excavation


This is the removal of all excess soil, rocks, and other materials from the construction site so your building can be level, sturdy, and safe. Because this is an intensive process, it typically requires experienced construction workers, serious equipment, and excavation expertise. This process may involve earthwork, trenching, wall shafts, tunneling, and underground work, depending on the condition of the land before construction.

  1. Water Systems

Water Systems

In addition to providing natural water drainage, so your building does not become eroded over time because of pooling rainwater that threatens your building’s foundation, it is the job of your construction company to install septic tanks and filtration systems if necessary.

These water systems work to remove stormwater from the surrounding area and bring safe, potable water to the site. This is important because all buildings, whether residential or commercial, need a way to bring in clean water and pump out wastewater.

Though site work usually refers to preliminary work done on a construction site before construction begins, it is technically considered any part of the construction project that does not involve the actual structure of the building itself.

Because of this, your construction company may also help you with landscaping the area once construction is completed, especially if during the clearing and grubbing stage, they removed a lot of natural vegetation. In addition, they may help with paving driveways and walkways both to and from your building.

In the end, there is a lot of prep works that goes into a project involving the construction of an actual building. And, for the safety of the construction workers, the building being constructed, and those that will frequent the building being built, it is critical a reliable construction company perform all site work thoroughly.

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  1. My parents and I have been thinking about getting started with our strip center project, and we’re looking for advice. It’s interesting to know that cleaning and grubbing are not included when hiring a construction contractor. We will make sure that we hire a cleaning company when we decide to start with the project.

  2. It’s nice that you pointed out how a lot of preparation goes into any construction project before the building process even begins. We are about to start the construction of our new house and we are now trying to prepare for it. As a first step, we should probably hire an earthworks company.


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