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Having a place to live is one of our most important needs as human beings. Having a roof over your head, so to speak, ensures that you are and your family is safe, warm, and sheltered from the elements.  While all the structural aspects of building a sturdy, well-built home are important, the roof is the most important part of any home.

Without a roof, your home would not be protected against many hazards and annoyances including, snow, rain, falling debris, wind, pollution, human intruders, and animal intruders.

When building a new home, it’s important to hire someone who has expertise in roofing.  Not all carpenters have this expertise, so you may have to hire someone separately.  If you’re able to find a local roofer who has someone on board with this expertise, that’s the best-case scenario!

When buying a house that’s already built, it’s important to have a professional inspect the home with a real focus on the roof and what kind of condition it is in.  It’s good to know if you will need to do repairs to it before you decide to buy a home.  Depending on the type of roof on the house, most roofs do need to be replaced eventually.  There are new types of roofs that are becoming very popular and are made of tougher materials that last much longer.  Some of these newer roofs are also better for the environment and come with a life-long guarantee!

There are many different types of roofs when it comes to the color, shape, design, purpose, and size of your home’s roof.  The type you choose will depend on two main things: 1) Your house and 2) your preferences.  In other words, not every roof will be suitable for your home, and just because you like something and think it will look good on your home and suit your needs doesn’t mean that is the case.  You need to weigh these two main things together and come to a middle ground that allows you to have an end result that includes a practical roof but also looks good on your home.

When searching for a company to do roofing on your home, there are some very important things to consider before you hire. Go ahead and hire just anyone.  The first thing you should do is write out a plan of what you want to be done, decide on an approximate budget and approximate time frame to have the work done.  This is important when pitching companies, so they’ll know you did your research, and they will have a good idea of what to expect.

The next thing to do is search online for companies in your local area that specialize in roofing. Start emailing and calling around to get estimates for the work and feel for the company and how professional they are.  When you have your list of companies narrowed down to a few that look like good ones, start asking friends and family if they are familiar with them or if they’ve heard anything, good or bad, about the company.  This is a good way to learn more about their professional reputation, and perhaps someone in your circle may even have a better company in mind that you never came across!

Another great way to learn more about the reputation of any company is to read online reviews.  These reviews can be found in a number of places, including individual company websites, search engine searches, and social media.  While online reviews are a great tool to use when trying to learn more about a company, they shouldn’t be the only method used to find this information.  Not all reviews are truthful, everyone’s experiences are different, and some complain about everything even if there’s no reason to. The reviews you receive from close contacts are the ones to take most seriously.

When you narrow it down to the ones you definitely think are best for the job, call them or visit their location to get the rest of the information you’ll need, to meet some of the staff to get an idea of who you’re dealing with and discuss your plans, budget and expectations.  This final step should help you narrow it down to the one company that’ll do the best job.

Building a new house or even just getting a new roof for your house are big jobs that require time and money, but the peace of mind and added security is worth every minute and every penny!

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