The Kitsch Coupe


Kitsch designs are an epitome of quirkiness. If you like experimenting with decor ideas and are tired of mundane “play-it-safe” concepts, then kitsch is your destination. Exotic concepts, bright colours, bold designs, are some of the ideas that come with the kitsch package. Flashy yet quixotic, kitsch designs are apt for bachelor pads, studio homes and eccentric abodes.  Non-contemporary and traditional homes can introduce an element of kitsch in the form of accessories offered by brands like Tappu Ki Dukaan, Chumbak, Quirk Designs, Happily Unmarried, and Earth Store. Kitsch décor accessories bring in the fun element into your spaces. Unusual refrigerator magnets and artistic tins from Chumbak are apt for some design element in your kitchens.

An ideal kitsch corner can be created using a statement furniture piece and an eclectic mural on the wall.

This also gives your abode a more personalised look.


Kitsch artwork is primarily identified as sentimental art. Therefore it is usually associated with high-end drama or melodrama. This kind of art in right amount can liven up your abodes while exuding a positive vibe to the ambience. Wallpapers with prints reminiscent of a retro era, teamed up with a bright neon-coloured furniture piece can spruce up your commonplace living room into a kitsch haven.


Cushions and bed spreads with pop-art designs are another way to infuse some kitsch. Imagine waking up next to Rekha and M. Monroe!

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Fascinating, isn’t it? Kitsch is fun personified and the art form explores the extreme of experimentation.  If you’d like some edge of Zen, then you could hang these pop art Buddha murals on your bedroom walls.


Taking cues from retro concept fashion, kitsch lends a classical yet trendy look to your abode. You cannot underplay it or overdo it, you can only kitsch it right! Open up your minds to this dynamic décor concept and kitsch it up in style.

 After all, who doesn’t like a little bit of drama?

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