The Latest Changes In Garden Design Expected For 2017


Are you looking to spruce up your backyard and come up with a new design for your garden? If having a modern-looking outdoor space is important to you, it might be time to look at the latest trends in garden design. Keep reading to learn about the top three trends in garden design for 2017. But, then, let’s get right into it!

The Natural Look Is In

Hoerr Schaudt Garden in Chicago's Lincoln Park

According to Garden Design Magazine, the latest trend shows that more landscapers and designers are searching for natural elements and focusing less on geometric shapes.

Another natural and traditional element you might want to incorporate in your yard is a modern water fountain. This centerpiece can give your yard the natural feel you’ve been seeking!

“In a hot climate, people mostly didn’t stir until the evenings, and their gardens would draw them out,” said garden historian Eugenia Herbert, author of Flora’s Empire: British Gardens in India. “Most of the year is very hot and very dry, and you crave water.”

Adding a water fountain to your yard could create that natural feel that is common to typical Indian gardens. Canals and reflecting pools are also appealing.

Local Plants Are Being Incorporated

Local Plants Are Being Incorporated

More local plants are being planted in gardens today instead of looking for flowers that have been imported. In addition, people are celebrating their own region by incorporating traditional shrubs in their gardens.

For example, those living in India are likely to add the Lotus flower to their backyard and the Fox Brush Orchid or a Pond Apple tree.

Gardens That Offer Natural Dyes

Vegetable Garden

Along with the trend of growing your own vegetables and fruits in your outdoor garden, a new play on natural dyes has been growing in the garden design sector. An increasing number of people are choosing to grow plants used to create dyes for coloring yarn, textiles, and clothes. For example, you may want to grow curry leaves and turmeric to dye your fabrics in your backyard.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the trends going on in garden designs this year. If you want to innovate and change your garden, consider growing local plants, adding natural elements like a water fountain and plants used in natural dyes.

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