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Most folks probably don’t associate the words “garage door” with the word “trends.” But garage doors have come an awful long way in the past half-century. Today, they continue to evolve and embody many of the latest technological and aesthetic movements that impact the rest of society. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some trends that are impacting both the design of garage doors and the way they’re built. Let’s get right into it.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Remotely Operated Garage Doors

The garage door covers the single most significant opening on the house. Because of this, it’s crucial that the door not be an energy drain. Today’s garage doors are trending toward greater energy efficiency thanks to:

  • The Digital Revolution – In the past, if someone left the garage door open by mistake, heat would be vacuumed out of the rest of the house. Today’s garage doors can be both monitored and controlled remotely via smartphone apps. So, should someone leave the door open it can trigger an alert on your smartphone, and you can shut the door via the app from wherever you are.
  • Insulation – Most of today’s garage doors come with fully insulated panels. This insulation can raise the ambient temperature in the garage by as much as 10 degrees. And a warmer garage means less heat sucked out of adjacent rooms.
  • Energy Efficient Motors – Today’s garage door openers are far more energy-efficient than their counterparts of just a decade or two ago. Also, many now sport LED lights which use only a tiny fraction of the energy used by traditional incandescent bulbs.
  1. Colour

Garage Door Colour

In the not too distant past colour choices for garage doors came down to white and white. Today, however, garage door designers are embracing the entire colour palette with bold colours as it goes with the rest of your home’s exterior and meshes with your landscaping. Perhaps surprisingly one of the most popular colours trending this year is black. That might seem like a different choice but think about it. If the exterior of your home is dark, a black door can add depth and substance to the look.

  1. Glass

Energy Efficient Garage Doors

Glass panels are all the rage for modern homes this year. Most feature frameless panels that are either tinted or mirrored to ensure privacy. But whether these glass panels are opaque or reflective, they add a contemporary 21st-century air to your home that can’t be beaten. And don’t worry, these panels are always fashioned from high density, shatterproof, laminated glass. To add an even more evocative touch your glass panels can be etched with whatever design you wish.


Today’s garage doors embody some of the most important aspects of modern technology and design. They’re no longer that lumbering object that creaks to life when you need to park the car. They’re now an integral part of your home’s design and technological infrastructure. Talk to the pros at B&W Garage Doors to learn more or to schedule garage door repair, maintenance, or installation. Take an in-depth look at the eight best online garage design software options currently available at

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