The Most Energy Efficient And Economical Roofing Types


There are many choices we are faced with when we become homeowners. This can include the more minor decisions which involve how we would like to decorate our homes, onto bigger ones such as the most economical and energy-efficient roof to install on our homes. Regardless of whether you choose a roof for your newly built house or are interested in replacing your old roof with a more energy-efficient option, there are many different residential roofs to choose from that can assist in lowering energy consumption in your home. However, there are few options to weigh up, due to many factors, like the climate in your area, the aesthetic type you are interested in, and the type of energy-efficient roofing features which are more important for your needs.

Residential Roof Types

Residential Roof Types

Today, many roofing materials are regarded as energy-efficient that match residential properties, including various shingle types onto Energy Star metal roofing. Every roof shingle comes with its own distinct and unique feature sets, which are more effective according to specific climates. Specific roofing shingles that are energy efficient are more useful in areas that experience colder weather. Others are more effective when it comes to combating the heat associated with sunny and dry areas. You need to think about each type of roof shingles with care to decide on what residential roof type is most appropriate for the climate you live in and, of course, your home. A few of the more common roofing options that offer the most energy-efficient benefits include:

– Asphalt Shingles

– Tile Roofing

– Shake Shingles

– Slate Roofing

– Metal Roofing

Roofing Shingles That Are Energy Efficient

Regardless of the type of roofing shingles you are interested in, the first important factor to look for in determining whether it is rated as Energy Star roofing. This is a guarantee that the materials you have chosen are actually energy efficient.

Solar emittance and reflectance are perhaps the largest factors in whether an energy-efficient roofing material will be certified by Energy Star. Roofing materials that can reflect the energy from the sun while releasing this energy into the air will keep upper floors in your home cooler, while less energy will be needed when it comes to cooling your home. The color you have chosen for your roof will also play a role in whether or not the roofing materials are, in fact, energy-efficient. The lighter colors reflect more, while the darker colors usually absorb the heat, which is then transferred into attic spaces, where it slowly seeps down into your home. It is important to think about the roofing material color more than only its aesthetic value.

Asphalt Shingles Versus Shakes

Asphalt Shingles Versus Shakes

For most homeowners, the last decision on the roof they prefer will be between asphalt shingles or shakes. These two options are regarded as the more popular and effective types of roof shingles that are energy-efficient, currently available in the markets.

The shake shingle is highly durable and can tolerate sudden storms and strong winds with very little damage. They can result in energy-efficient roofs because they provide improved air circulation throughout the home. These shingles are also visually attractive, particularly as the wood starts to mature. Most buyers will choose the shake shingles over asphalt shingles purely based on how attractive they look. One of the drawbacks of the shake shingles is the added maintenance that is required. Mildew and wood rot can result in issues, especially in humid areas, or receive high precipitation.

The asphalt shingle offers an energy-efficient, more cost-effective, and low-maintenance roof. Homeowners have an extensive array of choices when it comes to designs and colors. One of the drawbacks of asphalt shingles is that they are more vulnerable to damages caused by storms or high winds. One of the other maintenance concerns includes algae growth. However, there are effective preventive coatings that can assist in this regard. 

Options In Energy Star Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing

One of the other roofing options from Armor Services that have grown in popularity over the years includes the Energy Star metal roofs. The metal energy-efficient roof is the ideal choice for most budgets and is usually very fast to install. With minimal upkeep and care, the metal roofs are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and affordable, which can add a great aesthetic appeal to your house.

The Energy Star metal roofs come in 2 main styles, which include metal tile and metal panels. The panels feature large roofing sheets, and the tiles are made up of formed shingles, which are designed to appear like a shake, slate, or any other type of popular style.

The Advantages Of Metal Roofs:

Metal Roofs

– Fire Resistant

– Lightweight

– Reflective which keep your cooling costs low

– Long-lasting

The Drawbacks Of Metal Roofs:

The Drawbacks Of Metal Roofs

– Easily damaged or dented caused by impacts

– Contraction and expansion due to sudden changes in temperature

– More complex to replace the single sections on the roof

Alternative Energy Efficient Roofing Choices

Energy Efficient Roofing Choices

Slate roofing is another beautiful roof option that offers energy-efficient benefits which will last your entire lifetime. The density of these roofs assists in insulating your home, which makes it an eco-friendly choice. The tile roofs are an extremely aesthetically pleasing option but are more suitable in dry and warm climates as they tend to reflect sunlight and absorb moisture.

With the latest technology and innovations just around the corner, along with improvements made regularly to the current energy-efficient roofing options, it is always advisable to research your options before you replace your roof or choose a roof for your newly constructed home. By considering what you need and always look for Energy Star roofing materials, you drastically improve your chances of choosing just the right roof for your home.

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