The Most Popular Exterior House Paint Colors Going Strong In 2019


Unlike the interior of the house, most house owners don’t give much thought while choosing hues for the exterior. And that’s where they downgrade all the efforts put in designing a quality home because the shade of exterior paint is potent enough to make perception of people about your home. The best thing about exterior painting is that instead of always going with neutral shades, you can fearlessly play with brighter colors because they never go wrong. The key is to splash darkness that not only makes your home stand out among all other houses on the street but also makes you love coming home.

So, either you want your house to look like one of the colorful homes of Nyhavn, Copenhagen, or want to go with simple curb appeal like the white homes of Santorini, we have brought inspiration for you. Here are given the exterior paint colors going strong in 2019:


Yellow Exterior House Paint Color

Yellow color has become a new favorite of many house owners who are seeking to bring a happy and vibrant feel to their exterior. We are not talking here about neon yellow shade, but a brighter pale one, the one that makes your home looks coming straight from Trinidad, Cuba. Sticking to a pale shade brings a cheerful feel to your home along with lightening up otherwise oh-so-striking tone.


Gray Exterior House Paint Color

People looking for a bit calming shade are falling for grey tones for their house exteriors. Designers and paint companies like Payson’s painting are getting so many requests for the grey that it seems that everyone wants to ‘go-grey’ in 2019. And well, let’s admit that it looks so good. And in case you are looking for a house cladding option, grey will go well with any of the options, including brick, concrete, etc.


White Exterior House Paint Color

Okay, now we all know that white is like ‘jeans’ of the painting world because it never goes out of fashion. So, it is a shade of 2019 as well, and no one is complaining because it is worth bringing into trends every year. White houses give a neat and clean look that no other color can bring – picture ready for a magazine’s photoshoot. Whether you are looking for a Hamptons style house or want to give a royal touch, white is the right shade to brush the desired feel.

Light Blue

Light Blue Exterior House Paint Color

Are you looking for a fresh color that is neither neutral like grey nor is bright enough like yellow? If yes, then you are probably looking for a light blue shade that has become a game-changer in 2019 to give a fresh look to your home. Light blue combined with deep aqua enhances the architectural finishing of your house, along with bringing a splash of freshness that we always want in our house.

If the home renovation project is still in your loop, so don’t forget to consider these exterior colors to stay trendy and edgy in 2019.


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