The Most Popular Interior Design Styles


An endless list of unique interior design styles can become daunting when you are trying to discover which style works for you and your home. Some find it best to combine elements of several styles to enable them to create the ideal interior for them.


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Typically a general term to describe an interior that makes use of clean, crisp lines, colder materials like metal, glass, and steel, and a simple color palette. Commonly used to describe a modern interior is the word sleek, there is a lack of clutter or accessories along with the design applying the sense of simplicity in all elements, including furniture design.


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Contemporary is commonly interchangeable with modern interiors; the primary difference is the idea that contemporary design is more fluid and makes use of the style with curvaceous lines. Modern is a strict interpretation of design that started in the 20th century, whereas contemporary describes design based on the here and now.


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It takes inspiration from the modern design but simplifies it further. Colour palettes are made to be neutral and airy, paired with furnishings that are uncomplicated and streamlined. Nothing in minimalist interiors is extravagant or flamboyant, accessories and decor are kept necessary. This style can be defined by its sense of functionality and ultra-clean lines.

Mid Century Modern

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Think of easy to use, contemporary designs, and simple fabrications—a throwback to the revolutionary design style of the 1900s. Functionality was the main theme for the designs for mid-century homes. It emphasizes pared-down silhouettes and natural, organic shapes. You can still purchase designs today from the era; for a more affordable price, you can buy replica designer furniture that will perfectly accomplish this retro nostalgic style.

Hollywood Glam

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Luxurious, over the top and affluent, Hollywood Glam or sometimes known as Hollywood Regency, is a dramatic style that is perfect for homeowners that want to make a statement. Bold color palettes of purples, reds, and turquoises combined with furniture made from plush, velvet, tufting, and antiques.


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With a sense of incomplete rawness as the style draws inspiration from warehouses or urban lofts. It’s not uncommon to find exposed brick, ductwork, and wood in an industrial home. When thinking of industrial home, think of high ceilings, old timber, and dangling light fixtures. Sparse and functional furniture, along with abstract photography or art, used to add a splash of color. The color palette is inspired by primary materials such as wood and metals.


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Rooted from Europe, traditional homes often feature classic details, sumptuous furnishings, and an abundance of accessories. Featuring a range of textures, curved lines, and vibrant colors. Look at creating depth and layering when wanting to create a traditional home interior. Furnishings will most likely feature extensive and ornate details and fabrics.


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As the name intends, transitional is a growing popular style as it adopts elements from both traditional and modern interiors. With a discovered balance between the two, it creates an unexpected appeal as space isn’t drawn out to one particular style. A transitional home would look at adopting modern materials united with plush furnishings.

With the knowledge and ability to identify different interior design styles, this can help you to have a piece of better knowledge and understanding when it comes to creating your home.

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