The Most Popular Rug Trends Of 2020 To Watch


Popular Rug Trends Of 2020

Interior design is constantly evolving; what was hot last year will almost certainly not be this year. This can make it challenging to keep up with the latest trends. Fortunately, when it comes to rugs, you’re in the right place. Check out the most popular trends for 2020 here!

However, before you start, don’t forget that trends change. If you’re renovating, you need to be considering the styles that reflect your personality and dreams. Choose wisely, and your home will stay looking stylish for years. You don’t need to replace all your soft furnishings every time the trend changes.

Rugs complement any flooring. Whether you’re looking to buy carpet flooring or add some hardwood floors, the right rug can transform any space.


Natural Rugs

The environment is becoming an increasingly important topic for many, reflecting in the rug designs of 2020. While silk and wool are natural, this year, you’ll find an increased interest in undyed rugs made with environmentally friendly materials, such as jute, hessian, or sisal.

This jute rug is also tougher than traditional materials making these a great choice for outdoor and indoor rugs.

Layered Rugs

Layered Rugs

This refers to the idea of putting a rug onto a carpet, creating a layered look. Although the rug provides the comfort and warmth your room needs, the rug adds character and focus to a room. It can help to define the space better or even emphasize the differences in the space.

Patterned Rugs

Patterned Rugs

Patterns are coming back in, replacing the geometric designs of recent years. Patterns are generally warmer and more colorful, helping a room to feel warmer and more inviting. Many of the best-patterned rugs are handmade, which does increase the price them.

However, they are practical and almost works of art that you can place in any room of your home. It’s worth noting that mixing patterns on one rug is becoming an increasingly popular concept.

You can even layer with patterned rugs to create a striking feature.


Neutral Rugs

Surprisingly, as many rugs become bolder and more colorful, there is a noticeable move toward neutral color rugs. This is a popular approach for anyone who wants their home to feel more at one with nature. In addition, the neutral colors help a house feel more rooted, bring the outside in, and encourage tranquility.


Dhurrie Rugs

This type of rug originates in South Asia and is usually made from natural materials. It incorporates eco-friendly materials while adopting the patterned approach to rugs. It’s worth noting that these are more for show than comfort; they lack piles and have a flat-woven finish.

But, the patterns are intricate and enticing, helping to create a cozy space in your home.


Hand-Woven Rugs

Advances in weaving techniques mean that hand-woven rugs are becoming more intriguing and more durable. If you’re looking for a trendy rug that can be passed onto future generations, this is a perfect choice.

That’s the bottom line; you need to decide what you want from the rug, then you’ll know which one to pick.

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