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Earning money to buy all those things you need at home and those needed by your family members is not easy. I bet everyone will agree. And, because you had put so much effort into buying everything you have now, of course, you always want to keep everything safe from theft and bad guys. Do you know that your garage door plays a vital role in keeping your home safe from any culprits and outsiders? And, your garage door opener is the component responsible.

With the above being said, it is always important to invest in a proper garage door opener installation. Having a great opener at home can ensure the safety of everything you have inside your house. There are a lot of thighs that you must know before proceeding with the installation. And, those would be tackled in this post.

The Types Of Garage Door Openers Is The First Consideration

Of course, before heading to the installation process, you need to ensure that you are to invest in a garage door opener that suits your home’s needs, style, and theme. In case you are looking for the differentiation of the types of mechanical systems, here are the three for your reference.

The Chain Drive System

The Chain Drive System is the most common type. This can easily be bought in the market as it is always available. This type is the most used because it is relatively cheaper than other variants and is known to be very reliable. However, if you have a semi-detached home, this is not recommended for you because this type tends to be a bit noisy when used.

The Belt Drive System

The second type is the Belt Drive System. This one is much quieter than the first type mentioned but is more expensive and suited for semi-detached houses. Thus, you can refer to this as the opposite of the chain drive system.

The Screw Drive System

This third type uses a screwdriver to control the garage door. If we are to talk about reliability, you can define this one as the most reliable among the three. However, this is known to be noisier than the chain drive system, which makes it not fit for the attached garages as this will only cause disturbances.

If you will be asking for the installation of your garage door opener, the professionals would also recommend some types and brands that you can consider. They are knowledgeable enough, so you can also refer to their suggestions.

Take Safety Is A Major Concern

Apart from the type of garage door opener, you, of course, need to take a look at safety. Every garage door has a safety mechanism with three main components that seem to be vital to the whole functioning.

  • The first one is “Safety Reverse.” This triggers the garage door to automatically go to its reverse direction in case an emergency occurs (when the door encounters an unexpected obstacle).
  • The photoelectric eye beam that is responsible for sensing and detecting an item, material, or person in the path of the garage door while closing. This one is located in the bottom area of the door.
  • The last one is “Emergency Release Handle.” This one is located at the top of the door. This one is being operated manually to disengage the garage door’s mechanical system.

Here are other points to remember to ensure that safety is always considered.

  • The garage door could be dangerous to children and young kids, so make sure that they would not be playing with the opener and even the controller or remote. Educating them early would help instill the idea that wrongdoings can cause accidents.
  • Do not leave your garage door open whenever you go out. An open garage door invites unknown people and, of course, thieves.
  • Make sure that you are always testing the safety mechanisms to ensure that it is working fine when an emergency suddenly occurs.

Every garage door opener that is freshly installed has a user manual. Make sure to keep yourself familiarized with it as it will help you understand the functioning of the whole system and can serve as guidance as well in case you are not sure about some things going about with your garage door.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder that garage doors have a good amount of safety features on them that can be quite useful. I’m interested in looking for a garage door installation service soon because I will have to replace my current one soon. I think it already has too many problems that getting repairs for it would not be a good idea.

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