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Concrete Epoxy Flooring

Choosing the right floor covering for your home, industrial or commercial property is a very important decision for every homeowner and business owner alike. One of the most popular choices these days is epoxy floor coating which is one of the top multi-functioning floor coverings on the market.

If you’ve thought about epoxy flooring for your intended space, then there are a few factors that need to be considered before laying it down—things such as affordability, intended usage, longevity, and the overall style you want to achieve. Epoxy flooring has its pros and cons, just like every type of floor covering you could choose, so let’s explore some of them.



Epoxy floors are the number one choice largely due to the limitless colour and design options. It is easy to customise your style and get the look of more expensive flooring for a fraction of the cost. Some of the options include the ever-popular epoxy flake flooring, patterned design, pre-tinted, personalised logos, metallic and many more. Your floors will be the envy of the competition with their contemporary feel and clean finish.

Damage Resistant

One of the strongest and most durable floors covering the market is epoxy floor coating. Not only does it bond well with the surface underneath, but because it is made from resin and hardener, it is immune to degradation. It is water and heat-resistant and ideal for high-volume environments such as factories, retail spaces, medical facilities, mechanic workshops, and areas inside your home.

Low Cost

The biggest pro on the list is the cost compared to most other types of floor coverings. Concrete Epoxy flooring has a similar price tag to vinyl, and yet it outperforms, out-strengthens, and outlasts much of its competition. You can achieve any look with epoxy; the latest trends and designs can be incorporated into your selection at a fraction of the cost of their likeness. Unlike other flooring choices, epoxy won’t need repairing or replacing for years, depending on its use.

Long Life Span

Depending on where the flooring is set to go, epoxy floors can last up to 20+ years or more in your home and 15+ years in industrial and commercial settings. The more care and maintenance you give them, the more years of use they will give you. Also, the refinishing of epoxy when it comes to time is far cheaper than the original installation price due to the concrete substrate having been pre-treated with the initial application.


Slippery When Wet

Concrete epoxy flooring can be extremely slippery when it encounters liquids such as water, chemicals and especially oil. This can be fixed with the addition of different additives, depending on your intended level of grip. Materials such as Silica Sand, Aluminium Oxide and Shark Grip, when mixed into epoxy, create slip-resistant surfaces to suit almost all environments. It may also not be suitable for overly moist environments, so it’s important to seek a professional opinion before purchase.

Initial Cost

Getting epoxy floors for your home or business will work out cheaper than most others. Still, you also have to pay for the pre-existing base (usually concrete) to be cleaned, buffed and treated before the concrete epoxy flooring can be applied. There is a significant amount of work and preparation to be done, such as the cleaning of chemicals and dirt and filling up any cracks and chips. The good news? When it comes time to refinish, there’s no need to re-treat the concrete.


If for some reason, you change your mind about your epoxy flooring, then the removal process can be a huge task and a bit expensive. Removal requires the hiring of a contractor who has access to industrial grinders. This process should only be performed by a professional due to the equipment and expertise needed and the fact that the chemical makeup of epoxy is very toxic when inhaled. Correct protective equipment, including face masks and eye protection, is required.

Is it Worth it?

There are many pros and cons to choosing epoxy over other types of flooring, yet at the end of the day, the good outweighs the bad. Epoxy floors are strong and long-lasting, easily cleaned and don’t cost as much as you’d think, especially compared to the leading competitors, such as the options for marble or hardwood.

If you’re thinking of which type of flooring would be best suited for your home or business, then spend a little time researching the different factors involved before making your final decision. Your floors are the base of your overall building design, so you want them to reflect your style yet be sturdy enough to handle whatever is thrown at them. Epoxy floor coating is a great way to achieve that.

For all your unanswered queries and quotes, contact an epoxy specialist today, and step into the future on an epoxy-coated floor.

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